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Topic: First lump I found ignored until today

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Posted on: May 14, 2018 04:47PM

derwen wrote:

I found a lump under my left arm seven weeks ago. My GP referred me to the breast clinic at my local hospital. They mammogrammed and ultra sounded me and said they had found three lumps in my breast, and biopsied those. I kept asking why they weren’t doing the lump under my arm, and was dismissed.

Two weeks later was told the three lumps are DCIS, and that I had to come back next day for nine more biopsies for lumps they saw on the mammogram results. Again they did not biopsy the lump under maybe arm, despite me asking repeatedly.

Next result day: all the lumps are DCIS. I asked the consultant what is under my arm. She felt it and told me it is a lymph node and not to worry. I was then referred onto a second local hospital as the first is unable to do reconstruction.

Last week I was seen at the new hospital. The surgeon said he could not find any results on the lump my GP reported, and I told him my story. I had an ultrasound which revealed a large lump (2.5cm) under my arm which they confirmed is not a lymph node. The surgeon told the sonographer that a biopsy was not necessary as I have I have a mastectomy anyway.

Today, 7.5 weeks on from my initial GP appointment my breast nurse contacted me to say the surgeon has changed his mind and does now want a biopsy on the lump. But I have to wait for an appointment, and then results and the surgeon won’t see me again until those are back. She was unable to give me any reason why he’s changed his mind and what this might mean.

I’m absolutely at my wits ends. I have no idea how this was missed by the first hospital and why I was dismissed when I asked about it. Now I have no idea why they are changing their minds and why this is all taking so so long. I’m being told surgery can’t be until into June now and my first diagnosis was April 18th.

Very scared and need any advice anyone can give.

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May 14, 2018 07:58PM edwards750 wrote:

So sorry derwin. Of course you are scared. Not knowing why or what to expect is unnerving and a time when your imagination/fears work overtime.

I’m not a doctor so Idk why your doctor changed his mind. Maybe it’s just a precaution. If it were me I would ask the nurse. Waiting is torture. Maybe she can at least shed some light as to why. Be prepared their usual response is it’s what the doctor ordered and/or they don’t know. I wouldn’t want her speculating but maybe once she understands your anxiety she could ask him. It’s worth a shot.

Try not to worry. I know easier said than done. Been there, done that. We all get the fear factor but we are also testaments to you can do this. We did and you will too.

Keep the faith and keep us posted.


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