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Topic: Can’t interpret my report

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Posted on: Sep 13, 2018 12:39PM - edited Sep 13, 2018 12:40PM by Wattlump

Wattlump wrote:

I am having a hard time understanding my recent bilateral breast U/S and must have caught the doctor in the way out the door cause she said come back for another scan in 4 weeks. That's not good enough for me. We have Lynch Syndrome in our family, my father passed from pancreatic cancer at age 49, 17 weeks after diagnosis, I take reports seriously.

Anyways, rewind a week, I find a “lump" in the shower at the 5 o'clock region of my right breast. Report says “possible haematoma and fat necrosis. Hyperechogenicity and solid and cystic lesion" in point of interest.

Not expected but found was a fibroadenoma at 2 o"clock and an area or irregular hypoechogenicity with shadow with little vascularity, query scarring, PASH or peak of normal breast tissue at the 12 o’clock are both of these I am led to believe by Dr Google are ok

What a mixed bag report.

Can anyone shed some light please?

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Sep 13, 2018 08:39PM Meow13 wrote:

They may recommend a biopsy, it doesn't sound too bad. Hopefully, someone can post that can tell you more.

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