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Topic: CT Scan Report Questions

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Posted on: May 6, 2021 07:46AM

Mk2615 wrote:


I had my CT today and I am struggling to understand the report. I think it sounds like they think I maybe have something else going on in my lungs that isn’t related to the cancer? Can anyone else make sense of this?

“Small region of ground-glass opacity and the subtle tree-in-bud nodularity of the right upper lobe centrally suggest a nonspecific pneumonitis. Few small regions of subtle ground-glass opacity also within the superior segment left lower lobe. Central conductive airways are clear. No pleural or pericardial effusion demonstrated. Small 3 mm pleural-based nodule right lung base as demonstrated on coronal image 34 series 6 is smoothly marginated. “

also, it mentions that my lymph nodes all look normal. My biopsy confirmed that I have 15mm of cancer with extra nodal extension in my axillary lymph node. Is it normal that this wouldn’t show up on the CT?

Thank you so much for your help!

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May 6, 2021 03:16PM LivinLife wrote:

Lung nodules are not an issue most of the time. They may want to do another scan in a year or so to make sure it hasn't changed. I had a CT scan several years ago that picked up two lung nodules. Had another scan about 8 months later... no real change so that was it. We all get these, esp. as we get older. They are often incidental findings on scans. I have small areas of ground glass too - these can be more about past bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. though can also be signs of something more serious (e.g. lung fibrosis). I hope the former is true in your case, inflammation, etc. since they mention the pneumonitis, though they are the ones trained to put this into your larger clinical picture.... Hopefully no worries with these for you! Please let us know....

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May 6, 2021 03:42PM ctmbsikia wrote:

I think you're ok too. I always look up the wording on my reports for a better understanding:

Due to infection or another chronic interstitial disease, you may develop a hazy area of increased attenuation in your lung. Ground-glass opacity (GGO) is the descriptive term used to refer to this hazy area.

*********The tip to looking up these phrases is to only read the 1st 2 sentences.****** Do not go any further as that will cause you to look up more terms and that's when your head starts spinning.

Nodules are mostly OK too. It's size and or change by comparison that matters. I cannot recall the mm when it may become more concerning. You should also have a LungRads score like you do on mammograms (Birads) at the bottom of your report. If it's a 2 you're good.

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May 12, 2021 12:36PM Racheldog wrote:

What chemo drug are/were you on prior to your CT scan that showed up as GGO? That is the start of "interstitial lung disease" and many of the newer chemo drugs (possibly older ones) can cause this entity to start. I had to stop Kadcyla (T-DM!) after 4 rounds and became very sick with shortness of breath, daily fevers, feeling very unwell, etc. and a CT scan that showed up as mild inflammation. Went to a Pulmonologist acknowledged that chemo drugs can cause this. Luckily I improved on my own in 6 or so weeks and did not have to go on steroids. I am angry that onc did not even recognize this! I have never had any lung issues in my life, non smoker for life as well.

I am now faced with a re-challenge on Herceptin only as monotherapy and am terrified this might start up again. Ground glass opacities, IMO, are dangerous and can be the start of more than just "mild" inflammation. Pneumonitis is a definite worrisome side effect.

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May 12, 2021 02:49PM AliceBastable wrote:

As my MO explained it, we all accumulate crud in our lungs over time. We just don't know about it until we start getting scans. If there are nodules and other small particles, they make a note of it on the scan results so it can be compared on any future scans.

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May 12, 2021 04:19PM ctmbsikia wrote:

My mother had a host of health issues but she still worked until she was 71. In her late 50's or 60's I believe she had a scan of some sort that showed she only had one working kidney. It was just a shriveled up mess doing nothing. Her blood counts were good and the specialist said lets watch it, so they did. It was only towards the end of her life being in the hospital going over her history that we figured out that yes she had one of those childhood illnesses (scarlet fever I think?) and the medical folks shook their heads and said yes that she was either born like this or it was from the infection.

I dread all scans but especially lungs since my husband died of lung cancer. It was really aggressive and I questioned the medical folks as to why he had clear reports and in about 8-12 weeks time he had mets everywhere except his brain. I was told that when his cancer 1st showed up it looks like an infection (pneumonia) I read all his reports too. When he went back for a 6 week follow up it had gotten larger-----and that's when they refer you to the lung docs.

So hope all is well.

Dx 12/14/2017, DCIS/IDC, Left, 4cm, Stage IIB, Grade 2, 1/2 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2- Dx 1/16/2018, LCIS, Right Surgery 1/30/2018 Lumpectomy: Left; Lymph node removal: Sentinel Radiation Therapy 4/10/2018 Whole-breast: Breast Hormonal Therapy 6/25/2018 Arimidex (anastrozole)
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May 12, 2021 07:45PM cookie54 wrote:

So yes it's possible this would not show up on CT. When a CT Chest is performed depending on the field of view that is used the axillary nodes are not always seen It is typically not scan protocol to include the axillary lymph unless the ordering doctor asked specifically to include them. Typically we are looking to see rule out any possible nodes that may be enlarged in the chest and any signs of metastasis etc. Your doctor will most likely order a follow up on the lung nodule which is routine.

Hope that helps, best wishes to you.

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Jul 5, 2021 05:41PM Salfeldi wrote:

Hi - So I chose your info as I have been scrolling all day to understand what is going on. Anyone else? I have HR+; HER- MBC with mets in my right lung. I'm on Ibrance and Faslodex. After a CT I had a biopsy from one of two nodules = MBC. So I had radiation. New radiologist feels its been successful though I have a 4mm showing now. My oncologist checks my breathing and says,"Good" which I reply, "Doesn't feel like it."My new radiologist set me up with a nebulizer. I just stopped! It created "wet feeling" lungs with a lot of mucus. I will go back to inhaler. My pulmonary doctor set me up with that. So I'm really trying to not cough and breathing is labored. I have increased groundglass density consistent with radiation influence. The radiation did this? Anyone explain or have had this? I'm miserable with all this coughing and it is affecting my dragon boating.I have to breathe a lot for this!

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Jul 5, 2021 06:04PM SondraF wrote:

Salfeldi, have you checked out the lung mets thread in the Stage IV area? Those ladies may have more insight for you.

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Jul 6, 2021 12:12AM moth wrote:

Salfeldi, have your drs ruled out radiation induced pneumonitis? That really should be the top differential dx when presenting with opacities post radiation treatment. It has a very specific treatment protocol- oral steroids are the recommended first line if SpO2 levels are ok.

I had this a couple months ago after aggressive rads to the lung.

If it is this, you do want good treatment. Also, even with steroids it can become permanen. Radiation can cause scarring and fibrosis of the lung.

FWIW, you should cough! And do deep breathing and coughing regularly- like every 1hr while awake. The more you move the junk out of there the better. I also found that aerobic exercise was hard for about the first 10 -15 min of each session but then got better... i think the alveoli were a bit collapsed and the deep breathing helped them open up. But each session it felt like I was starting back at the beginning.

it took a couple months to start feeling like I was close to normal.

& yes, join us on the lung met thread and also we have a pneumonitis thread as well.

I take weekends off

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