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Topic: New here with fibroadenoma

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Posted on: Jun 9, 2018 07:24AM

Askjones wrote:

I apologize first if I should have posted this within another topic. I'm new to all of this and unsure. I have read about a million posts, but still would like an opinion from the community.

I am 41 and just had my first mammogram. I was sent for a diagnostic because of dark nipple discharge and pain in my left breast. Immediate US after mammogram. Saw radiologist for about 30 seconds who told me he was pretty sure the multiple masses in both breasts were fibroadenoma. Don't know how big, where they are located or any other (looking back) helpful information.

All women for past 4 generations on mom's side have died of breast cancer. My mom is still alive, but has had a double mastectomy. Naturally she is concerned and thinks I should seek a second opinion. Radiologist did not seem to be concerned and told me to come back in 6 months. If they had grown, they would biopsy.

Everything I read about fibroadenoma seems to conflict. Do they normally cause discharge (also only in one breast)? Do they normally hurt this much? The doc says I could have had them for years so why are they only now painful and causing all of these problems...aren't they supposed to get smaller with age? My spouse is nearly insisting that I get a biopsy just to be sure. The woman who did my mammogram seemed very concerned about the color of the discharge, but I wondered if the radiologist even looked at my chart or if he just read the US? I want to trust the doctor and not overreact, but six months is a long time to a wait.

My mother was also told to wait 6 months for what turned out to be bc. It sounds like an easy decision to just request a biopsy, but biopsies are expensive. I just don't want to be unecessarily worried.

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Jun 9, 2018 11:02AM Moderators wrote:

Hi Askjones,

We understand the conflict. Given the family history, you and your husband may feel more confident to get a second opinion before deciding whether to biopsy or not. Have you or any family member had genetic testing? This may also help you and your doctors decide how to best manage.

Thinking of you!

The Mods

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Jun 13, 2018 01:35PM Sita26 wrote:

I’m going to a breast surgeons office for my biopsy and all I’m being charged is an office visit.

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Jun 14, 2018 06:08AM SummerAngel wrote:

If it were me I would go for a second opinion. I can't answer your questions about your symptoms (I had no pain but did have clear discharge before my diagnosis), but your family history warrants a closer look.

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Jul 11, 2018 06:15AM LoLa18 wrote:

I had fibroid / calcium build up for over 20 yrs ,three yrs ago my mamm came back abnormal, they retested, said it wasn't anything new!They came up with this without Biosopi! GRRR!!!I trusted them Grrr. 2 YRS LATER Triple Negative BC in left Breast, Caught it early stage 1 ,but still have to have chemo and radiation! DON'T Trust Mammograms, Trust your Gut, if you're not feeling 100% healthy, if you have inverted nipple after checking for lumps at home, Scream to your Doctor! Not to Scare just be Smart! God Bless!

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Jul 19, 2018 06:09PM B-A-P wrote:

I Have had a fibroadenoma for about 13 years. I developed it when i was 18 . It was occasionally tender, but very moveable. Felt like a rubber ball, and i can still feel every edge. What Got me to my recent diagnosis was having bloody nipple discharge. Sometimes it was clear and sometimes bloody. I was pushed off for a long time considering my age (30), but once I mentioned blood, she was like " Fine, we will biopsy it, but I think it's probably a papilloma"

I did have a papilloma, which is a common cause of bleeding , but I also was diagnosed with DCIS. Very lucky it was found . I think it would be fair to push for a second opinion considering your family history. I was told it was nothing, and if I hadn't pushed to get my biopsy, I wouldn't know about the DCIS.

Never hurts to get a second opinion!

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