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Topic: Biopsy aftermath and Benign Breast Conditions questions

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Posted on: Jul 28, 2018 02:01PM

Psychfan wrote:

My biopsy went easier than I expected it to be wore a cat mask to it ! The only thing I felt was the quick lidocaine sting that made my feet jump !

I did have severe anxiety before that I was getting nauseauated fearing it was going to be painful and for so long instead it wasn't painful and was shorter than I had expected it to be .

My sxs Right after the Biopsy Nauseau, Very sore shoulder , burning in the sternum area and at the top of the breast bone, tired , and a bit light headed.

Tues Severe pain in the stomach , nauseau still , had twinges in breast area

Wed Period arrived Stomach cramps settled down, tired wanted to continue to sleep after 9 but still had to wake up,as I had stuff to do .

Thurs,not much appetite still made my son his b-day dinner with his friends even tho his b-day isn't until in a week but this was the only day they could make it as they be out of town for awhile like til the mid August . I was tired and falling to sleep almost on the computer after his friends left . Bruising started to appear . Heart burn feeling this day right in the lower part below of the sternum .

Fri Lower part of Armpit is sore it also makes a clicking sound when I move my left arm up and i am very very very tired today . I also haven't eaten much just ate some cheese with guacomole , nutri grain and some egg sandwich for dinner . Today was the first day after the biopsy that I didn't wake up like at 6 am and then fall back asleep as i slept straight thru today ! I do have a bit of a headache

Sat I'm still feeling pretty tired and do have a bit heartburn feeling below sternum area only 5 days out of biopsy site . First day I slept to 10 am after losing sleep on Monday due to a mistake a clinic ride made so I barely had any sleep on Monday due to that along with nerves keeping me up that nite then I fell asleep that day at 6am thinking I would get 5 hrs of sleep that day but only ended up with 2 because they called up at 8 saying are you up ! I'm coming at 10 ( why in the world wake me up at 8 am when you say your not going to show up until 10 ? Then continue to call at like 8:30 sharing that I had the wrong time and it was at 1030 and that she be here at 10 to take me to it . Then I call up n go oh of course it's still the same time as in 1:30 . So here I couldn't fall back to sleep because after being woken up due to a mistake by that person then trying to get back to sleep calls kept coming in one after another .

Mon nite Trouble getting to sleep woke up on Tues Morning at 6 am . Fell Back Asleep at 730

Tues Morning Fully Awake at like 9 ,Tues Nite Trouble getting to sleep until like 3:30 . Woke up at 6 am on Wednesday morning fell back to sleep at 7 am Wed morning

Wed Forced to wake up at 8:30 am because my grocery transportation was coming at 9 am to take me shopping since I don't drive and I felt I could sleep even longer than 830

Thurs and Fri morning I actually slept straight to 9 am on Thursday and Fri . Still Thursday & Fri Nite Pretty tired at nite time .

I did get my biopsy results back yesterday they said from the core needle biopsy it's benign fibrofatty tissue with fat necrosis and rare calcium oxalate crystals on my left side so I'm wondering what you guys think of those results?

I don't remember having any trauma or surgery to that area in the past . I did do a lot of on demand breast feeding for a extended period of time all the way until my son was about to start school . He automatically weaned himself off after that . Which was quite a long time ago as he is a high school kid now. I did have a lot of surgeries as a kid with having lots of sticky stuff stuck to me on my chest so if fat necrosis of the breast is due to surgery trauma would that make my biopsy site have trouble healing or forming more fat necrosis because of the biopsy ?

Also , is it more likely for the other breast as in my right side to have the same thing that my left side ended up getting diagnosed with even tho my right side didn't get biopsied but it did show calcifications on my right side which the dr figured they were more likely benign without a biopsy on the right side .

I know I'm just 5 days into recovery and I am happy that I don't have cancer but for those who have had biopsy when were you guys more up to par ?

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Aug 9, 2018 09:23AM ne0n wrote:

I don't know if this helps at all, but I got a breast biopsy about a week ago and I'm still dealing with bruises and some pent up emotions. I also happily don't have cancer, but I apparently have fibroadenomas and one fibrocystic breast and I'm dealing with my menstrual cycle, which has made my already bruised breast quite sore. I've been putting natural moisturizer on it, which has certainly helped the skin heal up a bi, which helps. It's still weird to feel bumps and residual soreness in my breast, though, even though my doctor/s were very assured that everything looked fine.

(I looked through the records they emailed me as well, but the lady who performed the ultrasound had slightly different notes than what they put in the report. I guess all I'm saying is that I'm with you in feeling a lot of mixed emotions around a biopsy, even a benign one.)

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Aug 9, 2018 03:44PM Psychfan wrote:

Neon Congrats on your B9 result . It's a pain to have a cycle so soon after the biopsy . I'm already 4 days from nearly hitting it being 3 weeks since my biopsy been done . Finally after 2 weeks I been able to lay on my front without having me squinting in pain or going ugh ! I do get burning in my breasts like a heartburn type of twinges which I have read that's the nerves reworking up but it's annoying . Even tho I do sometimes get some cringing pain still but not as bad as it had been but it's bad when it acts up when I'm out shopping so if I need a urge to comfort my sore spot I go run to the bathroom stall in the grocery store then go back to my shopping trying to make it more comfortable.

Plus, there isn't much information out there on B9 conditions and you wish that doctors who describe the type of b9 condition go in the report state more in definition what it would mean and if it would mean that more fat necrosis would grow in my breast after getting biopsied and would my right one be more likely to have it . I'm hoping when i have to go in for my female exam the next time maybe he would be more defining of what fat necrosis is and how in the world did it get damaged inside

As I have read that people along the lines that have to take a calcium supplement along with their vitamins it's more likely to form Calcium Oxalate in their blood stream which can appear as calicifications on any part of xrays and that some people with thyroid issues are more likely to have that issue because thyroid issues can affect Calcium issues especially if needed to be removed. That was on a thyroid group that I have been on where I read that information and I take Calcium Supplement because I have no thyroid so I started thinking could it be the cause of my Calicifications because I have to take extra Calcium ?

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Aug 10, 2018 12:53PM ne0n wrote:

I wish there was more information too. My poor partner is a bit over hearing me voice my worries (because benign is great news!), but it's hard. Now I'm so hyperfocused on everything on that breast... there's a stretch mark that I'm fairly certain has always been there, but I'm suddenly unsure and hoping it's not a dimpling. Any pink spots are suddenly a little more suspect. And the breast pain from my normal period, plus having one newly-diagnosed fibrocystic breast... it's just hard to relax. I feel as though I should be booking a 3-month checkup or something, and of course, googling for information only brings up terrifying things. :/

I've never heard that about calcium, but I'd love to know! It would be useful to hear more from people with benign conditions as well (for instance, I use my right arm for several hours a day for work, but not my left... and my fibrocystic changes are all in my right. It seems linked because this is my first year doing work like this, but there is literally nothing I have found to back this feeling up.) It's hard to be losing sleep and feeling on edge all the time, even after getting good news.

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Aug 10, 2018 02:42PM - edited Aug 10, 2018 02:44PM by Psychfan

It's like in our mind we had a biopsy because of a belief of an bad abnormality in our breast and it's a mix of a normal abnormality but not a bad abnormality but it can lead us to big time confusion that's for sure because it's like why aren't we sent some paper work to our home with explanation of these b9 conditions or to go back for like a follow up after they did a procedure on you to check for proper healing but instead it's like for some come back in a year for your next mammo !

Plus, the doctor who did the biopsy wasn't the one who called about the b9 result it was just the front desk going oh your result is B9 come back in a year . I wouldn't have known anything if it wasn't for the pathology report online .

Then you wonder with this biopsy going did it create damage to my breast that I'm going to start getting other things and with the off & on pain from the biopsy healing it's like why couldn't they know better without having to injure my breast as you would think with them being around so many types that you would assume it would be like why can't they tell by looking as wouldn't all those things look the same when they are same different types of B9 ones . Now we are wondering did they make the normal abnormality worse or added more issues to your breast .

People think oh yay you get a B9 result now you can relax and forget about it . Easier Said than done because your still dealing with biopsy healing and stuck with questions that have no answers.

Plus there isn't many people around that go oh I have the same thing . If a few have a questions of what they had before it's like they shared about it a few years back now those people are not around online posting since they didn't get answers either .

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Aug 11, 2018 03:09PM ne0n wrote:

I'm sad I don't have better solutions, but... I share that sentiment! I've been feeling my breasts today and thinking 'hmm, lumps, are some of them just my breast healing?' I'm planning on following up in 6 months, but the only thing I can really do is monitor it and wait. :/ Hopefully nothing changes in a bad way and we get benign results forever and ever. I wonder if there is anything that can be done to ease fibrocystic breasts/fibroadenoma pain...

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