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Topic: Intraductal Papilloma and Florid UHD

Forum: Benign Breast Conditions —

A safe place to discuss benign (non-cancerous) breast conditions. Benign breast conditions are unusual growths or other changes in the breast tissue that are not cancer, though some may be associated with an increase in breast cancer risk. Benign breast conditions are quite common.

Posted on: Oct 25, 2018 04:32PM - edited Oct 25, 2018 04:46PM by Thisisbleak

Thisisbleak wrote:

10/7- Scratched an itch and found a lump in my right breast, about the size of a marble. My OB had performed a breast exam in May and nothing was found at that time.

10/15- Mammogram and US show two masses. BIRAD 4. "There were 2 sharply marginated but partially lobulated adjacent masses identifiable at the 4:00 position of the right breast approx 2 cm from the nipple. They were of mixed echogenicity with several cystic components. There was increased vascularity to both of them by color Doppler examination. One measured 1.3 x 0.6 cm and the adjacent one measured 1.1 x 0.3 x 1.2 cm. These are complex masses, possibly benign fibradenomas, but their mixed echogenicity and cystic components that measure more than 3 mm in diameter make biopsy indicated."

I had the biopsy (he only biopsied one mass, because "it's so close to the other one, it should be fine," and the results show peripheral intraductal papilloma and focal florid UHD. No atypia or malignancy. YAY!

Of course, this is just a pathology report, and not a diagnoses.

But the PA who has been my "Primary" (who is not a specialist, he works at a walk in clinic here in my small town) said that because there wasn't anything atypical or malignant found that it's fine and nothing needs to be done from here. No follow up. No early mammograms. (I'm 28)

Literally everything I've read, from layman's websites to medical texts, says the papilloma (at the very least) should be removed and tested. It hurts (probably sitting on a nerve.)

Am I free to go on about my merry way, or should I push for a referral to a specialist?

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Oct 25, 2018 04:43PM MelissaDallas wrote:

Papillomas are indeed usually excised. There is a low level of "upgraded" diagnosis with them, but aside from that they cause problems like bleeding and discharge, even if there is nothing "worse" there.

LCIS, extensive sclerosing adenosis, TAH/BSO & partial omentectomy for mucinous borderline ovarian tumor. Dx 5/20/2012, LCIS, Stage 0, 0/0 nodes
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Apr 13, 2021 01:56PM sadwife wrote:

This is so similar to my story! @Thisisbleak, what did you end up doing? I am sure I am going to go through a similar trajectory.

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Apr 13, 2021 04:26PM Thisisbleak wrote:

Hi Sadwife!

So, I ended up getting a referral to a breast specialist who was keen to remove both masses. She removed a chunk of tissue the size of an orange. After pathology revealed no malignancy she called it the largest intraductal papilloma she’d ever seen, shrugged her shoulders, and scheduled me for a follow up mammo and us 6 months out. In the meantime I found another mass, but after imaging we decided to give it the 6 month wait and look again. I lost insurance coverage so I am actually just now scheduled for more imaging next week. I have also had two other (non malignant) masses removed from my shoulder and knee since then. I guess my body just likes to make lumps!

Keep your head up and don’t let yourself get brushed off! If you have any questions feel free to ask :)

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Apr 13, 2021 07:11PM sadwife wrote:

Sorry to hear about the multiple lumps @Thisisbleak. Thankfully, it looks like is all turning out to be benign. Still, it must be hard to keep going through this!

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