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Topic: Fibrocystic breast disease/Dense Breasts

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Posted on: Sep 8, 2019 04:23PM

Mimi820 wrote:

Hi all. Just wanted to ask how you deal with self breast exams if you have this condition? I find it impossible to do this on a monthly basis because it creates so much uncertainty for me. I have a lot of areas that feel lumpy and bumpy. I do yearly mammograms (just recently had to have two biopsies for rt breast-have two Fibroadenomas. Also, had one excised over 10 years ago in left breast). Seems like when I ask for supplemental ultrasound-they don’t do both breasts entirely. Isn’t that the point? Seems like ultrasound is used only after a diagnostic mammogram if something is unsure. Should I ask for mri? Just tired of this game of uncertainty-don’t want to be over testing but then I want to stay on top of it! Thanks:)

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Sep 10, 2019 07:02PM jessie123 wrote:

Mimi -- I had very dense fibrocystic breast for years before I got older. I felt the same way -- couldn't and didn't do monthly breast exams because I had so many lumps from the fibrocystic disease. It caused too much stress because everything was a lump. Anyway -- go ahead and do the monthly exams. When I felt my lump last November I knew IMMEDIATELY that it was different. The lump was very hard and attached (didn't move). You will know the difference. It didn't feel anything like my fibrocystic lumps. They say to become familiar with your breast, but even if you're not you will recognize a hard lump. So go ahead and check --- mine never showed up on Mammogram since it was ILC. I doubt that they will let you do a yearly MRI and some cancers don't even show up on ultrasound -----go ahead a check monthly.

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