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Topic: MGUS after iodine contrast and excisional biopsy

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Posted on: Oct 9, 2019 07:06AM

JoTheGreek wrote:

Hi, my ladies,

Haven't been very active lately due to my recent (accidental) diagnosis of MGUS (monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance).

I've done all the primary blood and urine tests and my bone marrow biopsy is due on Oct. '16th. At the same time with MGUS I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroid disease, something that must have been going on since last July 2018 as that was the time my massive hair thinning started right after my breast imaging tests with not only gadolinium (breast MRI) but with iodine contrast agent as well (contrast enhanced spectral mammogram CESM). The latter are notorious for affecting the thyroid as they contain iodine. My blood oncologist informed me that there is a direct connection between autoimmune diseases (Hashimoto's) and MGUS too.

I wonder if anyone has a similar experience as I try to figure out why this happened. I'd very much appreciate your input, your responses are always informative and insightful. I would like to add that I also had odd symptoms following my colonoscopy (again prior to MGUS and Hashimoto's diagnoses) last winter 2018 and a 2-month treatment with high doses of PPI (proton pump inhibitor) Nexium.

Many thanks to anyone who chimes in and can enlighten me on this issue.

As ever,


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Oct 11, 2019 03:36PM robinblessed54 wrote:

well hello fellow BC, Hashimotos, colon problems andMGUS!!! And to top it off, recalled Allergan implants!!! I already had the Hashimoto for 20 years, but the other stuff was diagnosed after BC. I am IgA deficient. My MGUS is IgG lambda. 2-4% monoclonal cells in bone marrow. My bone marrow biopsy was the worse procedure I have ever had! Just local not out. If there is ever another one, I have to be put out! i think my implants have some connection to MGUS.

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Oct 12, 2019 03:16AM JoTheGreek wrote:

Thank you so much for your response. I'm caught in a whirlwind of health issues as of March 2018, all allegedly benign (but now in hindsight I even question my breast surgery's histology results as I read online about many instances of occult occurrences which have gone undetected and, moreover, MGUS is notorious for its connection not only with autoimmune diseases but with malignancies as well...) but just the same stressful with a huge toll on my peace of mind. I'm IgG kappa MGUS diagnosed, with small (unmeasurable) paraprotein in serum and no trace of it in urine but with slightly elevated Free Light Chain kappa/lambda ratio (2.23) which is not a good prognostic factor for eventual progression to MM... Anyways! I recently joined a fb MGUS community and already asked the members there about their experience with BMB procedure, they don't seem to consider it a biggie, so I'm keeping fingers crossed that it won't be traumatic for me too, after all I wasn't even put out for my colonoscopy and gastroscopy other than a mild sedative, I was wide awake and listening to all the doctor's comments without at all being affected emotionally, as if she was talking about some other patient not me! lol Thank you so much for chiming in, there must be a connection of MGUS and all the ordeals chemical-wise we went through during our breast health journey, what I now fathom is that hematologist/oncologists are indeed clueless as to what factors induce MGUS in people, all my wishes for both of us for our paraprotein levels to remain stable or even eventually subside as it is very stressful to have these regular blood check ups for the rest of our lives... Big big hugs, Jo


Diagnosis 07/2018 @ 56 - Adenosis, apocrine metaplasia, usual ductal epithelial hyperplasia Surgery 7/9/2018 Lumpectomy: Right

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