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Topic: Bruising after Biopsy?

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Posted on: Nov 7, 2019 10:54PM - edited Nov 7, 2019 10:57PM by cammie31

cammie31 wrote:

Hi all,

I'm new to the board, just had an MRI-assisted biopsy on Tuesday of two spots that revealed benign papilloma at 4:00 and flat epithelial atypia at 5:00 in my left breast. I'll be headed off to the surgeon next week as I'll need a larger area removed due to the FEA to make sure they got it all and to make sure there's nothing hiding out, but I have a more timely issue at the moment, and that is: my biopsies have left me with a GIANT bruise. Basically across the whole lower outer quadrant and stretching into the lower inner quadrant. Is this normal biopsy bruising or do I need to raise this as an issue? I bruise at the drop of a hat, but this is really impressive bruising....

Thanks for any light anyone can shed on this!

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Nov 8, 2019 12:51AM Veeder14 wrote:

Hi Cammie31,

Yes, the bruising is normal. I had the same thing, a huge bruised area that I didn't think would ever heal, but it did. In order to stop the bleeding after the biopsy, the technician/nurses aide jammed her hand on my breast so hard I thought a rib was broken, and thus more bruising. It will go away. I had lots more bruising after my surgery.

Good luck with your upcoming surgery.

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Nov 8, 2019 05:36AM gb2115 wrote:

Yeah the bruising can be impressive. It will probably take ages to go away too!

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Nov 8, 2019 08:24AM Moderators wrote:

Hello, cammie, and welcome to Breastcancer.org! We're glad to see that you found us and decided to reach out to others for support. If there's anything you need help with or have any comment for us, please feel free to contact us. We're always here.

Best wishes,

From the Mods

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Nov 8, 2019 10:35AM SpecialK wrote:

cammie - you might try some heat, it may help disperse the bruising - with a hot water bottle, heating pad, or those bean bag things you warm in the microwave. You can make you own by putting some uncooked rice in a sock and securing the end with a hair tie. Additional options are topical Arnica gel, some extra oral Vitamin C, Bromelaine and Zinc.

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Nov 8, 2019 10:58AM cammie31 wrote:

Thanks, everyone. I'm sure it will look even more interesting after the excision. Sick

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Nov 8, 2019 11:22AM MelissaDallas wrote:

Oh, after the excision it will definitely be pretty, or at least mine was. Took forever to absorb/go away, and it follows gravity, so pools at the bottom after a while.

LCIS, extensive sclerosing adenosis, TAH/BSO & partial omentectomy for mucinous borderline ovarian tumor.
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Nov 8, 2019 11:57AM bcincolorado wrote:

I was given very tiny ice packs that could fit into my bra even that helped with bruising and swelling.

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Dec 9, 2019 11:34PM DeeDeeT405 wrote:

I have a hard lump now almost 2 weeks after the biopsy. Is this normal?

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Dec 13, 2019 09:02PM Rrobin0200 wrote:

the bruising is definitely normal.. I was black and blue and then when it began to heal, I was yellow. It’s lovely. 🙄

I developed a hematoma after the biopsy... it gradually went away. I’m sure that’s what this lump is.

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