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Posted on: Mar 18, 2022 05:58AM

Posted on: Mar 18, 2022 05:58AM

l_l_l wrote:

Hello everyone,

I just went through biopsy for abnormal findings in my 3d mammogram and ultrasound. I have been referred to see a breast surgeon for the mucocele-like lesion, which they think might put me in high risk category and wanted to consult with the surgeon.

I am thankful for all the benign results and this site helped me feel heard with empathy and relatable. Every time I was terrified, I always think of all of the brave women in here and around the world who have fought through many challenges, treatments and surgeries and it has helped me to be get through the tests.

I didn't know what to expect of the result and trying to understand mucocele-like lesion before meeting with the surgeon. Anyone went through something similar? I would really appreciate any thoughts and insights on this.

Here's my report:

Benign fibrocystic changes including usual ductal hyperplasia, pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia (PASH), apocrine metaplasia, and small (2 mm) focus of mucocele-like lesion." The results are considered benign and concordant. However, with a mucocele-like lesion, if surgical excision of this lesion were to reveal atypia and this would alter clinical management (such as with more frequent screening or chemoprevention), then surgical excision would be recommended. Therefore, surgical consultation is recommended. If surgical excision is elected, this would be amenable to mammogram-guided Magseed placement. A six-month follow-up limited right breast ultrasound and possible right diagnostic mammogram (with tomosynthesis) are also recommended.

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Mar 18, 2022 01:59PM wondering44 wrote:


If you prefer to have additional peace of mind, you can ask for the results to be re-reviewed to confirm the changes and six-month follow-up are correct. It should not have any additional costs. I recently learned patients can have this done for any scan. The facility will have it reviewed again. You can also send the report and images to another facility for a second opinion.

Here is a read on Usual and Atypical Hyperplasia for more info.

I wish you the best on the info. you find on the benign findings.

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