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Topic: Kaftans for RIBP and similarly afflicted Taller Sisters

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Posted on: Sep 10, 2018 06:59PM - edited Sep 10, 2018 07:13PM by Icietla

Icietla wrote:

N.B.: These items are offered only for RIBP-affected members and those similarly situated – those having long-term-to-permanent upper limb dis/use limitations of a severely disabling nature. You all know who you are.


1. Here is a primarily yellow rayon batik kaftan, colorfully decorated. It has a nicely finished neckline that should reliably lay flat.

The dark horizontal band you see across part of the dress is a tabletop within, on which my (short, slim, breasted) dummy is standing.

Circumference of each armhole space is approximately 18" (eighteen inches).

From sleeve end to sleeve end (and across total width of garment) measures approximately 45" (forty-five inches). The side seam is approximately 5" (five inches) inward from each side edge, so anywhere lower than armhole level, there would be approximately 80" (eighty inches) interior circumference.

Lower end side slits measure up to approximately 16" (sixteen inches) from the lower ends of the fringe at bottom.

Measures approximately 60" (sixty inches) in length from shoulder level to the lower ends of the fringe at bottom.

It has no pockets.


2. This one with black ground color is of polyester. It looks like polyester. It feels like polyester. Its neckline is bound and should lay reliably neatly.

***There is a small, fairly inconspicuous tear or cut, sort of two-sided so that it makes something of a little triangular flap in the fabric panel, near the lower right corner of the front panel. It could easily be made unnoticeable with a small iron-on patch applied to the inner surface behind it.*** The area of the small tear or cut is shown over a red tablecloth in the fourth view.

Circumference of each armhole space is approximately 26" (twenty-six inches).

Measures approximately 28" (twenty-eight inches) across just under the armholes, so at that level, there is approximately 56" (fifty-six inches) inner circumference. Across the bottom hem, it measures approximately 40" (forty inches) across, so but for the additional space allowance of the lower side slits, there would be about 80" (eighty inches) circumference at the lowest part.

Measures approximately 55-1/2" (fifty-five and one-half inches) in length from highest part of shoulder seam (just beside neckline) to the bottom hemline.

The lower side slits measure up to approximately 18" (eighteen inches) from the bottom hemline.

It has no pockets.


3. This green and black one is of polyester. It looks like polyester. It feels like polyester. It tends to show fold lines. I have only laundered it, and I have not tried pressing out the fold lines to make its appearance smoother.

The neckline is neatly finished, so it should keep a neat appearance there.

The outer surface has a few scattered trivial snags.

Up along either shoulder seam are three (3) small black buttons, apparently only for ornamentation.

The upper sides of the sleeves are split and hemmed (in what I think is called "cold shoulder" style), and the upper (outer) sides of the sleeve ends have smallish black tassels.

There are darts on either side of the front panel of this dress; however, I expect it should hang about as smoothly as a more simply constructed kaftan.

Armhole circumference measures approximately 24" (twenty-four inches).

Measurement across just under armhole level is approximately 25-1/2" (twenty-five and one-half inches), so there is about 51" (fifty-one inches) circumference at that level.

Measurement across the lower hemline is approximately 39" (thirty-nine inches), so but for the additional room afforded by the lower side slits, the circumference at the lower hemline would be approximately 78" (seventy-eight inches).

The lower side slits measure up to approximately 16" (sixteen inches) from the bottom hemline.

Approximately 56" (fifty-six inches) in length measured from the highest part of the shoulder seam (beside neckline) to bottom hemline.

It has no pockets.

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