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Topic: Painful sex

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Posted on: Feb 5, 2019 10:54PM

FightLikeAMom wrote:

can anyone recommend something I can use for painful intercourse? I have severe vaginal dryness and a really low libido. I cant take any hormones. Looking for something to change my life. Thanks

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Feb 5, 2019 11:29PM Krose53 wrote:

Hi! My Gynecologist just gave me some samples of Uber lube. I haven't used it yet. I also have low-zero libido. My Gynecologist also signed me up for Women's Sexuality class offeredby Kaiser. I'll report back what I learn.

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Feb 6, 2019 12:10AM illimae wrote:

Hyalo Gyn is a vaginal moisturizer, which can also be used as a lubricant and works great. There is also Replens but the applicator can be tricky when dryness is an issue. The best advise I git is also the most basic, “use it or lose it”.

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Feb 6, 2019 01:51AM ABeautifulSunset wrote:

I have tried a LOT of stuff over the years, including Mona Lisa. I used Hylo gyn as well and found it pretty helpful. But the biggest boost I've gotten is from the prescription Intrarosa. Sex has been noticeably less painful and I have moments where I actually WANT to have sex.


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Feb 6, 2019 03:56AM ShetlandPony wrote:

Sunset, did your onc explain why he believed Intrarosa was safe? Or were you too desperate to care? My gynecologist thinks it is the answer to all my problems. So I started it recently, but am a bit nervous about it. Surprisingly, my onc said she did not know much about it. But she did point out that the cancer no longer seems hormone-driven anyway.

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Feb 6, 2019 01:13PM Moderators wrote:

Also, you will find many helpful suggestions in the thread, and the original post. I want my MOJO back.

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Mar 11, 2019 12:03PM Murf wrote:

I was suffering from extremely painful sex. Even externally stimulation would make me tear upon orgasming. It had really turned me off to any intimacy. Haven’t had sex in years. My issues were all external, tightness, dryness and lost elasticity. Moisturizers and lube did little to nothing for me. I just had my first Mona Lisa Touch procedure and I’m already at 80% improvement. Now to get over the physiological part of all the painful attempts in the past. 2 more treatments to go but I’m sold on it! 

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Mar 25, 2019 01:33PM cajunqueen15 wrote:

Hi Murf - does your insurance cover Mona Lisa? I feel totally hopeless. Even just touching the area hurts and when I urinate afterwards it burns like crazy. The combo of early surgical menopause and anastrazole has really done a number on me. I was told that it might make intercourse harder but nobody told me that I could be effectively sterilized at 35. Frankly, if it was just me, I wouldn't care since I have ZERO desire but I think I owe it to my husband to try something.

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Apr 3, 2019 02:56PM Runner81 wrote:

I thought I would chime in on this thread. I've had terrible problems with vaginal atrophy as a result of tamoxifen, enough to make me pretty depressed about my quality of life. I've had Mona Lisa treatments for 2 years now. They help but only moderately for me. My oncologist finally relented and said I could try some topical estrogen, but I put it off because I was afraid of it. My GYN just now gave me Intrarosa, so I'm trying that, even though I have read it is contraindicated for hormone-positive breast cancer. I haven't been on it long enough to see if it helps me, but I'm nervous about being on it.

Dx 7/21/2014, IDC, Right, 2cm, Stage IIA, Grade 1, 0/5 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2+ (FISH) Surgery 8/21/2014 Lumpectomy: Right; Lymph node removal: Sentinel Surgery 9/12/2014 Lumpectomy: Right Surgery 10/24/2014 Mastectomy: Left, Right; Reconstruction (left): Tissue expander placement; Reconstruction (right): Tissue expander placement Chemotherapy 11/23/2014 Carboplatin (Paraplatin), Taxotere (docetaxel) Targeted Therapy 11/24/2014 Herceptin (trastuzumab) Surgery 4/10/2015 Reconstruction (left): Nipple reconstruction, Silicone implant; Reconstruction (right): Nipple reconstruction, Silicone implant Hormonal Therapy
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Apr 17, 2019 10:01AM Rn1972 wrote:

I’m hoping someone can help with some advice for me . I’m in same sex relationship and my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and had a double mastectomy. No other treatment except tamoxifen for 5 years. We used to have an amazing sex life and now The last 4 years I can’t even touch her . She has absolutely no sex drive . It hurts to just touch her vaginal area . She’s won’t try anything , no lubricates or creams. I’m dying to just make out with my wife’s again. I’ve asked her if we could see a sex therapist and she refuses and says nothing will help while she is on the tamoxifen. I love my wife more than anything in this world. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Apr 17, 2019 06:05PM - edited Apr 17, 2019 06:35PM by Moderators

Rn1972, we are really sorry to hear what you both are going through. Loss of libido is a very common side effect of many treatments. You may find some helpful suggestions here: Loss of libido, member tips on improving sexuality, changes in your sex life. Naturally, all suggestions are only helpful if both partners are willing to try, and experiment. We really hope you and your wife can start a new dialogue about it, and maybe talk to a counselor or therapist (not a sex therapist per se) about willingness to try other forms of intimacy. We hope others chime in too, and maybe visit the thread I WANT MY MOJO BACK! for additional insights from others going through what your wife may be experiencing.

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