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Topic: Husbands

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Posted on: Feb 16, 2019 02:08PM

fancynancy1955 wrote:

Hello ladies ~ this is my first post -- completed radiation in November and have been on Arimidex and doing ok. My questions is this: How did you explain to your husband the emotional toll this has taken on you and continues to take on you?

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Feb 16, 2019 07:39PM rachelcarter35 wrote:

I finished chemo in August. We went through a really hard rough patch afterwards. Cancer changes you and we had to adjust to those changes. I was ready to celebrate end of treatment and he was just so negative and spooked. I had leaned on him so heavily through it all and he was just exhausted. I withdrew from him and lowered my expectations of what he could do. I leaned on friends and family. Slowly he healed from the trauma of it all ( yes they are traumatized too) and we are better than ever. I don't think we can expect them to really understand and we have to find our own way to heal from our own trauma. It takes time.

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Feb 17, 2019 06:48PM fancynancy1955 wrote:

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I so appreciate it. I will reframe my thinking a bit and look at this from a new perspective.

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Mar 2, 2019 10:11AM - edited Mar 2, 2019 10:11AM by kec1972

Hi, I had lumpectomy on 1/7 and am going through radiation right now. Although he has been supportive, my husband has definitely withdrawn physically. Before this nightmare, we had a very active sex life; now, he never touches me anymore. It's really taking a toll on our marriage. I'm justpraying for no huge tamoxifen side effects once I start that I in April.

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Mar 2, 2019 06:27PM edwards750 wrote:

Although we are the primary victims I’m sure we sometimes forget how it affects our husbands. In my case and I’m willing to bet the vast majority of us are the caretakers of the family so a role reversal is something they can’t handle or won’t handle.

My husband was supportive but he still expected I would take care of it like I doeverything else. I am a strong independent lady but admittedly I was hoping for that role reversal. I would still look over his shoulder when he attempted to do things because he is so frankly clueless about some things and so consumed by his job as an engineer and he works long hours. I handle everything on the home front. Bills, service calls, grocery shopping, cooking, house cleaning, etc. There was no break in the action other the day of my surgery.

He’s not a hands off guy at all physically since I was DX but he still looks for me to give him the green light. I think at least in part he’s afraid of my cancer. I don’t blame him because I am too. No surgery or treatment is a guarantee. I’m optimistic and realistic.

I think the best course of action is talk to your husband. See what he’s thinking or feeling. You might be surprised it has nothing to do with the new surgically damaged you.


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Apr 17, 2019 09:04PM fancynancy1955 wrote:

Thank you all for taking the time to write. It's a difficult time for both the patient and the rest of the family.

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Jul 4, 2019 11:25PM dvhmouse wrote:

Everyone tells me what a wonderful, supportive husband I have and how lucky I am. Granted I love him dearly, even after 35 years, but he has always been a bit of a flatliner. He doesn’t get emotionally invested in things, so I’m having a hard time getting him to understand how much this whole thing is affecting me. Admittedly, I thought I would be fine, just take every day as it comes and deal with what’s next. What I didn’t realize was that I would be more surprised and scared than I thought I would be. And therefore I really want his support, someone to “hold my hand” and just be there for me. I start chemo on Monday and he just doesn’t get that I’m scared and depressed about it. He’s actually more interested in getting sex in before I start (well maybe not quite that crude, but he’s giving off those vibes). I’m not sure how to ask him to be there for me emotionally?
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Jul 5, 2019 08:55AM wallycat wrote:

Having been the patient and now the caregiver (DH was dx with metastatic prostate cancer to bone a few weeks ago), I can honestly say that the caregiver can feel SO much worse emotionally than when being the patient. Neither is fun or easy but as a patient, I knew how I felt and what I needed and I was inside my head to know my fears and concerns. DH is a quiet man and so hard to know if he is stoic or freaked or...or...or and I find myself going from exhausted and wrung out to hyper with heart-pounding anxiety. I don't know if bringing it up causes him to think about it (and that's bad) or helps him voice his issues and worries. It is such a delicate balance. Fear is so individual. It changes people.

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Jul 6, 2019 11:55AM Proud_Patriot wrote:

i haven't really tried to explain anything to him. I think this has been harder on him than it has been on me.

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