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Topic: Life, or spiritual coaches during survivorship

Forum: Share Your Experiences Of Life After A Breast Cancer Diagnosis —

Share your experiences of life after a breast cancer diagnosis and offer advice on how you cope with life's daily challenges, including how you develop a new daily/weekly routine while you deal with breast cancer.

Posted on: May 8, 2019 05:51AM

Mama2BC wrote:

I have to put a disclaimer in this post before I get into to my question under this topic...I am fortunate to be in the place I am and I acknowledge there are much bigger "fish to fry" for other people, and maybe even myself. I am now 37. I was diagnosed with BC when I was pregnant and 34 when I was diagnosed with BC. Went through chemo, surgeries and radiation. I had my last reconstructive surgery a year ago. And right now, I am cancer free. So like I said, I am fortunate. I'm not sure if anyone else has felt this way, but even when I was diagnosed and in the trenches of treatment, I felt like there was a bigger purpose for this having happened specifically to me. Not getting into the science of all of it. Now that I am beyond the bulk of my treatment, I have been trying to navigate and sort through these feelings. It's not so much a depressed feeling. But I definitely feel a heaviness on my heart and a calling for something....not sure what...YET! That being said, I have spent time in the last year, reading the self-development books, watching video's, on the search for self-discovery, etc. Some of it has been great for mindset. But not a lot of action on my part. Admittedly, that's on me. I definitely need someone to keep me accountable. I am in a spot where I would like to would with a life coach, or spiritual coach. When you go through something like this, I almost feel like it should be integrated in our treatment. Anyway, here's my question...has anyone ever heard of financial resources that contributes to the cost of something like this? It is an investment. I know the investment can vary of course. It's not that I don't want to pay for some of it. It's my choice. I must be reasonable with that. But it is difficult to prioritize the cost of this, when there are so many other things in life that this could be used for. I'm not sure my husband gets it, so it's difficult to explain, and get him on board, with spending money on something like this. I could maybe save up for it, but it's tough to put in the waiting. When I have already had this heaviness/ calling for almost 3 years. I almost feel guilty bugging people with a question like this. But I suppose this is what happens for some people during survivorship. And I guess I just never know if someone knows of a grant or sort of scholarship. Thanks friends!

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Nov 1, 2019 12:00PM - edited Nov 1, 2019 12:01PM by LoveLau

I feel the same way 3 years of nothing. I feel guilty. Not accomplishing much. Being depressed. I RECENTLY SIGNED ON WITH SHANI FOX. Not sure if it will help. No one would lend me the money so I asked my 92 year old aunt. Whenbi got the dx I put all my money into my husbands account. He thinks it's a scam. I have to figure out how to get busy. I just cant figure out how to do it. I am sitting in a bathing suit ready for a swim. All I want is the bc to go away. How can I get happy again. How can I live myofe again. A few weeks ago all i thought about was suicide but now l want to live and get some happiness.

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Feb 8, 2020 02:51AM lorreymom wrote:

I am interested in this answer too. I have been through a lot, including counselling. When I lost my job to budget cuts last year, I was forced to reassess my life. I decided to go start the process of becoming a health coach, specializing in cancer. I am hoping to eventually be a cancer coach I’m still in school. Hope to be finished by June 2020. I was wondering if there was funding or financial aid for such a thing? I do know how much it can help. My schooling has opened my eyes about how much it can help. What I have learned so far has helped me. I encourage you to find someone. A few studies show how much it can help. Choose wisely, as not all programs are created equally and it is not a regulated profession, yet. I wish you well! 💕

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Feb 8, 2020 08:54PM rockymountaingirl wrote:

These days many hospitals and medical centers have "navigators" to help people who have breast cancer or other serious diseases get their questions answered as they go through treatment. Does your local hospital have such a person? If so, he or she might know of someone who could serve as a coach, counselor, therapist, or whatever you need. And might also be able to help you manage the costs, either by finding services that your insurance will cover, or by identifying financial resources to help you pay for such services. A medical social worker is another possible source of information, and I think all hospitals have social workers. For whatever it's worth, the hospital system that provided my treatment had both a navigator and a social worker on staff, and both of them were extremely helpful to me whenever I had a question or a problem.

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