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Topic: Help with dogs while undergoing chemo

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Posted on: Dec 18, 2015 10:38AM

DecaturGirl wrote:

I was just diagnosed on Monday 12/14 and while it's a very overwhelming and difficult time right now, more testing, more waiting, to add more stress on, I am facing a living situation where I have been told that I need to give up my two dogs while I'm undergoing chemo. While I don't think that is the best decision for my mental health, I don't really have a choice. I am looking for an organization or network that could potentially foster my dogs together for a few months starting in mid to late January in Georgia. I will be reaching out to several rescues, but bottom line, I need to find new temporary homes.

any advice would be great!

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Dec 18, 2015 11:11AM Spookiesmom wrote:

I've never heard of this. Who said you need to foster out the dogs? A misguided do-gooder?

Spookie stayed home my entire chemo, and I adopted Kris during tx.

Please check with you DOCTORS!!

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Dec 18, 2015 11:24AM DecaturGirl wrote:

It's my living situation, not what my doctor's recommended. It's complicated. I'm living with my sister and brother in law right now and regardless of what the doctors say, she does not want the dogs in house with me when I start chemo. They are struggling with being my care provider and are not able to help me take care of my two rescue dogs if I get too sick to care for them. I've had friends offered to help me take them part-time if I get too sick or walk them, care for them, all of which she's said no to at the moment. She's associating my situation with our mother's who died a few years ago on 12/22 after stage IV colon cancer treatment. Different treatment, she had a colostomy bag, etc. So, she wants them out of the house and once she's made up her mind, there is no use in my trying to change it. I am searching for a foster situation that will give me access to them that is near by. If you know of anything, please let me know!

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Dec 18, 2015 11:26AM - edited Dec 18, 2015 11:29AM by Hernie

Me neither, never heard that one. "Living situation" sounds like someone else has the problem. WASSUP?

Cross-post, oh you poor thing, thought so Sad

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Dec 18, 2015 11:29AM glennie19 wrote:

DecaturGirl: I am sorry that you need to give up your dogs temporarily. Please reach out to local rescues,, I hope you can find a temp. foster home for them. Dogs bring such comfort when we are ill, and I hope you'll be able to visit them. Can your friends rotate them between their homes? How long is your chemo treatment? Concerned and wish I were closer to help.

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Dec 18, 2015 11:48PM - edited Dec 19, 2015 12:41AM by CC_Caboose

DecaturGirl, allow me to present you with a possible option:

I too live in Atlanta (well OTP, but hey it counts as Atlanta in my mind). :) I too was diagnosed with Breast Cancer recently, 14 days ago. I also have 2 dogs myself. In the past I have donated to PALS Pets Are Loving Support. They are based in Atlanta and foster dogs for people who have medical needs like us!! I have not yet used their services, but have heard good things about them. I hope this helps. I'm so sorry about your living situation (not to mention the medical one). If I hear of any other organizations like PALS in Atlanta I will pass it on.


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Dec 19, 2015 03:59PM MarthaMo wrote:

Hey! I have finished my chemo few weeks ago, and I even got puppy during my treatmant. It actually helped me a lot! In my 8 chemo cycles I maybe had 10 days when I would say I wasn't able to care for a dog. If dogs are grown ups and you control them well, I think you don't have to worry. They will make you more active and that is going to help you a lot! It is interesting that all women that were going through treatmant with me had dogs. And they all were happy because of that.

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Dec 24, 2015 12:17PM - edited Dec 24, 2015 12:19PM by DecaturGirl

I just want to be clear, my sister and brother in law are awesome. They have taken me into their home and helping me with so much. i have so much going on right now and the concern is I will not be able to take care of them. I get that. I'm going to be really sick for a few months. I'm hoping that I don't have to do anything, because the girls are awesome and make me feel better, but in the case that i'm no longer able to take care of them, I need an action plan. I start chemo on 1/12

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Dec 24, 2015 12:58PM DecaturGirl wrote:

Both girls are under 40 lbs, see pic

Scarlett is a GA heinz 57, part lab, part some kind of pug/bull mix, possibly Schipperke

Scarlett was abandoned twice before she found her forever home with me. Part of my adoption of her was to agree to cede her back over to the rescue if i could no longer care for her.

Whiitney is a hound of some sort, tree walker/spaniel. She can jump at least 10 feet.

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Dec 24, 2015 01:02PM DecaturGirl wrote:

i have, but everyone says no. I don't want to give them up this is just temporarily. I need my girls

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Dec 24, 2015 01:18PM mustlovepoodles wrote:

Is there a reason to believe you're going to be so incapacitated? I think most of us doing chemo have a rough go but not so much that we can't care for our kids and pets.

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Jan 18, 2016 01:13PM Chava wrote:

I hope you have found a solution but as someone almost 5 years out (recently moved to Atlanta) there should be no reason with chemo or radiation that you shouldn't be able to walk, feed and care for your dogs. I have a full course of treatment chemo, radiation, diep and except for surgery days was able to care for a family. not everyone has it easy but the balance between support and love that they give you and the amount of work they need it shouldnt be too hard to do both. Besides the motivation to get out for a walk on a day you may be too tired to walk is good!! best of luck with your treatment. I live in Toco Hills and looking for a new oncologist. I went to Dr. Meisels and liked her very much but hated the wait times.....

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Jan 18, 2016 01:46PM Nancy2581 wrote:

I agree with Chava. I have 2 chocolate labs both about 75lbs each. I walked them everyday (twice) during chemo. My onc said I breezed through chemo and I honestly feel that making myself walk the dogs was the reason. Some days walks would be shorter, but the only time I didn't get out was after my lumpectomy and even then it was only 2 days. Good luck with whatever you decide - you have to do what's best for you.


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Jun 24, 2016 08:41AM LibbyD wrote:

Decaturgirl, I'm chiming in wayyy late,, but what ended up happening? I wish I had known earlier, I have numerous people that work in dog rescue.

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