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Topic: Period return after treatment?

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Posted on: May 11, 2018 08:01PM

nsweeney43 wrote:


I was diagnosed when I was 27 and went through a single mx, reconstruction, chemo, radiation, aromatase inhibitor and ovarian suppression since April 2015. I received the go ahead to come off of my aromasin and to stop my monthly lupron injections. My last lupron injection was on January 9, 2018 and my last aromasin dose was February 6, 2018.

That being said, I still have not had my period. During treatment and throughout the time I was receiving injections I would have cramps still. When I stopped taking the medication and didn’t get my regular mo they injection I started getting cramps then as well and I thought for sure my period would return with a vengeance. Now I’m nervous that it isn’t going to return at all.

My MO tested my estradiol and FSH levels Wednesday. My estradiol was 19.6 pg/ml and my FSH was 6.82 mIU/mL. Not sure if this is normal and I can’t wait to hear how my MO feels about these numbers, but unfortunately I have to wait until the middle of next week.

Please help! Any and all advice is welcome!!

Dx 4/8/2015, IDC, Right, 2cm, Stage IIIA, Grade 2, 4/19 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2- (IHC) Dx 4/8/2015, DCIS, Right, Stage 0 Surgery 5/15/2015 Lumpectomy: Right; Lymph node removal: Sentinel Surgery 7/17/2015 Lymph node removal: Right, Underarm/Axillary; Mastectomy: Right; Reconstruction (right): Tissue expander placement Chemotherapy 8/13/2015 AC + T (Taxol) Radiation Therapy 12/1/2015 Whole-breast: Breast, Lymph nodes, Chest wall
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