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Topic: Participate in a 3 day community (only 60 mins), $200 to BCO!

Forum: For Caregivers, Family, Friends and Supporters —

A place to share your struggles and concerns about supporting and caring for a person you love diagnosed with breast cancer with others who understand.

Posted on: Feb 13, 2018 07:29AM - edited Feb 13, 2018 07:29AM by Moderators

Moderators wrote:

Hi Caregivers:

Can you participate in a 3 day online research community? If you participate in the community, Find a Cure Panel (FACP) will donate $200 to Breastcancer.org. FACP specializes in patient research for rare and serious diseases and has some online research for caregivers of people with breast cancer.

It's very easy to participate in. It's one 3 day confidential and anonymous online community. The total time commitment is 60 minutes or 20 minutes per day. This community focuses on your loved one's experience with breast cancer.

To qualify for this research, your loved one must:

1) Be under current treatment for BC and

2) Newly diagnosed or

3) Had a recurrence or relapse in the last 2 years OR

4) Have MBC

This is an easy way to share your experience but also LEARN from the other 30 participants.If you are interested in participating, please contact FACP at info@findacurepanel.com and reference FACP/BCO

Thank you!

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