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Topic: Ways to Best Support my Boss

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A place to share your struggles and concerns about supporting and caring for a person you love diagnosed with breast cancer with others who understand.

Posted on: Sep 18, 2019 12:42PM

rj684 wrote:

My boss is like family to me, she's a financial advisor; I'm her assistant (although she likes to call me her "Business Manager"). She works both in-branch with local banks, as well as has her own private client platform. She just had her appointment yesterday where they scheduled her full mastectomy and her reconstructive procedure. She's extremely overwhelmed by the idea of how she's going to keep this situation and process from her clients, because she's been told to expect an 8-week recovery time before the reconstruction even! The one positive in her favor, is that the procedures are end of October and Mid-December so we may be able to find a way to blame the holidays.

I'm here looking for support and ideas on how we can navigate this, in terms of telling clients she's unavailable, or an excuse to do virtual meetings instead of in-person. Has anyone been near a situation like this and have any tips or advice on how I can best help her through this?? I promised her I'd handle it and come up with ideas so she doesn't have to do the extra thinking and planning, but now I'm at a loss.

Thank you so much in advance <3

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Sep 18, 2019 02:46PM - edited Sep 18, 2019 02:58PM by viewfinder

My only experience with something like this is my sister who is this executive of two large organizations. She puts on trade shows and we'll over 600 people attend.

To my surprise, she told her board and her exhibitors that she had cancer and would miss her first market in more than a decade that was held last March. She received so much support from her board and others, offers to help, food, etc. Her staff person took her food shopping and to some doctor appointments, as did close friends. She's single so needed some help.

She has a well trained staff so the show was a success (and my sister was on the phone a lot and "virtually" ).

Your boss has a different kind of work so she may opt to say nothing and can blame the holidays and use the methods you mentioned. She has a very good "business manager" and I bet you can do a lot to fill in the gap!

I wish your boss all the very best!

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