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Topic: Breast Cancer Detection Research for NSF I-Crops Summer

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Posted on: Jul 5, 2019 09:09PM

ekaya wrote:

Dear Madam/Sir,

I hope this email finds you well.I am a PhD student in Electrical Engineering Department, Texas A&M University, Analog-Mixed Signal Circuit Design Group. I am also Texas A&M NSF I-Crops Summer 2019 Fellow. Currently, we are working on a research about "breast cancer detection". I would like to ask couple of questions about it, if you can share your experience and knowledge with us, we will appreciate it, since all those valuable information will help us a lot to understand it deeply and we are sure that they will give us ideas to figure out the system concept better for breast cancer detection. We are already working on the literature review, but as an NFS I-Crops Fellow we have to do some interviews with doctors and survivors through e-mail or phone call or face-to-face, that's why we are contacting with you. If you can share this message with your research group and doctors, if they can reply to email address (elifkaya@tamu.edu), and If they can reply even just couple of these questions in one week we will appreciate it, since we are preparing a report to share with the NSF I-Crops committee. For the questions, it does not need to be very long, you can even share with us some links as an answer. However, for sure, if you can share your experience will be great and an amazing chance for us. Please do not hesitate to contact with us if you have any questions, you can verify our I-crops program with university too. Thank you for considering assisting me in this research.

We are sure that you are already very busy , and thanks in advance for your time and help.

Please find the questions as below for doctors:

1-What are the main reasons about false breast caner detection?
2-What are the disadvantages about the devices used to detect breast cancer (cost, accuracy, side-effects)? If you had a chance, what do you want to change about these devices?What can be a good improvement?
3-What are the process steps for breast cancer detection?
4-Do you want to use any device such as small, portable, hand-on use, cheap and high accuracy?

Please find the questions as below for survivors:
1-Would you please share with us your emotions shortly through the process when you were getting the treatment?
2-What are the disadvantages that you faced about the devices used to detect breast cancer?
3-Was it detectable at early stage or did you face with false detection, if so, do you know the reason?
4-If you had a chance, what would you want to change during this process, or , how would you want it to be detected any method suggestion?

With appreciation,
Best Regards,

Elif Kaya

PhD candidate , Electrical and Computer Engineering, Texas A&M University, USA

MSc, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Columbia University, USA

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