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Topic: TNBC locally advanced with PDL1 Negative

Forum: Immunotherapy - Before, During, and After —

Discuss your experiences with the benefits, risks, and side effects of immunotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

Posted on: Nov 11, 2021 03:19AM

RaviShankarP wrote:

Hi All,

My wife is going through chemotherapy (3rd one finished just now and 5 more to go) and initial lump of 7 cm size is now came to 1.7 cm...

PDL1 test came as 0% (negative) .

Can some one advice if immunotherapy is advisable for her along with chemo? And does that have any positive impact considering PDL1 is negative/ 0%.

Thanks in advance


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Nov 11, 2021 11:06AM santabarbarian wrote:

My understanding is the immunotherapy benefits people with PDL1. I did not have PDL1 either.

Wonderful fast shrinkage - I had the same rapid shrinkage. Good news!

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Nov 11, 2021 01:32PM moth wrote:

Hi Ravi, the only current FDA approved immunotherapy for tnbc is pembrolizumab/Keytruda and it requires a pd-l1 score of >10

If pd-l1 is negative, the other thing to pursue is a one year course of capecitabine/Xeloda after surgery to lower risk of recurrence

Best wishes

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