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Topic: Bad but not too bad -comic illustration to my life

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Posted on: Nov 5, 2019 02:45PM

Anotherone wrote:

So here I am sat on WC (pardon if tmi) having diarrhoea at the same time as bloody nasal drip ( a nuisance se from abraxane herceptine and probably rivaroxaban) which I had on and off for a few weeks while at the same time typing into a parenting support centre referral form because I have been crying as a result of interaction with my 15 yo for the last 4 days every day and sometimes feeling sick with upset to the extent I could not eat for hours. So I find it that I have to put phone away for wiping my nose. I just realised how comically sad the situation was , laughed and wanted to share. Why did I say not too bad? - because diarrhoea is controllable by loperamide , it is not the one which renders the person bedridden or unable to leave the house without nappies and it is not 4 am and I am not exhausted by it and I do not have to wash soiled sheet at the same time.

Because a drip although a nuisance does not stop me from doing things - I can still get absolutely absorbed in my work , earn money and forget about cancer for those times ( until i am fired due to putting company into disrepute with my bloody nose haha).

Because my daughter although hurtful and a pita is not an addict , is not an antisocial element , has plenty of admirable qualities and is coking dinner as I type.

All of the positives above could be taken from me in a blink of an eye and I am so happy I have them for now. Please forgive me if I upset you with listing any of them because they are not in your life at present and please join me in a smile with a hint of sadness in celebrating them.. .

Primary in 2006, metastasis 2019. Sorry can lot log in diagnosis and treatment info properly - it gets jumbled. On Kadcyla now as had progression on H&P Dx 10/10/2006, IDC, Left, Stage IIIC, metastasized to lungs, Grade 3, 4/9 nodes, ER-/PR-, HER2+ Dx 7/1/2019, IDC, Stage IV, metastasized to lungs Chemotherapy 9/16/2019 Abraxane (albumin-bound or nab-paclitaxel) Surgery Lymph node removal: Underarm/Axillary; Mastectomy: Left; Reconstruction (left): Tissue expander placement Radiation Therapy External: Chest wall Targeted Therapy Herceptin (trastuzumab)
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