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Topic: Thoughts on Stage IV ONLY section

Forum: Stage IV/Metastatic Breast Cancer, Open to All To Contribute —

Topics here are started by members with a Stage IV/Metastatic Breast Cancer diagnosis, but open to all members to contribute to discussions. Please note that there is a separate forum, Stage IV/Metastatic Breast Cancer ONLY, where topics are open only to those members.

Posted on: Dec 6, 2019 09:27AM

DorothyB wrote:

I'm Stage I.

I am really glad that those of us that are not stage IV are allowed to read your posts. It gives me hope seeing how so many are you are doing as well as possible, caring for each other, enjoying some quality of life, etc. It also allows me to pray, etc.

In one of the topics there, someone posted about feeling defensive about having a special place just for them to post while they are also allowed to post in the entire forum. I suspect I speak for the majority of those on this forum when I say: You do NOT need to feel defensive. You deserve to have your area to discuss issues that are specific to you. I am thankful that you also post in the other sections and share your wisdom, thoughts and experiences with us.

Diag. 4/19/2019 ER+ PR+ HER2 neg Lumpectomy 5/29/2019 IDC w/ DICS 2.0 cm Grade 3
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Dec 6, 2019 09:34AM - edited Dec 6, 2019 11:21AM by Yogatyme

Dorothy, I totally agree with you. Having a boundary is perfectly acceptable. I see it like going for a walk, enjoying seeing someone's beautiful flowers but not going into their yard to pick them. They are happy for us to look, just don't violate the boundary by picking their flowers....and don’t give unasked for gardening advice!! A friend is a master gardener and nothing pisses her off more than some random stranger telling her how to grow things. It is loads of work, not always fun and she has had to give up the fight on some things. However, asking her for an opinion is allowed

Yogatyme Surgery 3/3/2019 Prophylactic ovary removal Dx 7/19/2019, IDC: Papillary, Right, <1cm, Stage IA, Grade 2, 0/5 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2- Surgery 8/13/2019 Mastectomy: Left, Right

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