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Topic: Extroverts together apart!

Forum: All things COVID-19 or coronavirus —

A place to discuss the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on you and the ones you love.

Posted on: Apr 12, 2020 08:37PM

Togethertolearn wrote:

Any other extroverts (those who get energy or giddiness from being with people) having a tough time being locked down? Let's support each other! How are you coping? What's hard? Any new insights into how to help extroverts get what they need while in lockdown? I sure hope someone has some ideas ;)

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Apr 12, 2020 09:25PM ThreeTree wrote:

Hello Together - I just want to say that I am introverted and generally am fine being by myself. There does seem to be a bit of a misnomer about all of this though. Introversion does not mean that you never like or need to be around other people. It just means that others aren't your primary source of energy and motivation, etc. I am actually finding some of this difficult - especially when I just get the urge to walk over to the store or drop by a neighborhood restaurant for a bite to eat. I am happy to do those things alone, and don't need to call up five friends to go with me, but I do get a lot from having the other people around me, saying "hi", etc. I just like to go experience those things when I feel like it, and now I can't.

Regarding coping, I don't know what more people can do other than what has generally been put out there - staying in touch online, getting together outside, but keeping social distance, etc. I just don't see how you can get the direct equivalent of something like a party, group dinner, or business meeting in a conference room while all these restrictions are in place.

There are some jokes going around about how this is all "just normal" for introverts and I get them and think they are funny, send them on to introverted friends, etc. but in actuality it is not exactly the case. I think we all need contact with others that we just can't get right now. Introverts and extroverts just get that need met in a different way, and that way has been blocked for all of us.

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