Topic: Anyone else work in a school and afraid to go back?

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Posted on: Jul 21, 2020 10:02AM - edited Sep 22, 2021 11:22PM by mavericksmom

Posted on: Jul 21, 2020 10:02AM - edited Sep 22, 2021 11:22PM by mavericksmom

mavericksmom wrote:

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Jul 21, 2020 10:53AM hersheykiss wrote:

My doctor's wife teaches kindergarten. Her school district plans 100% in-person learning. My doctor purchased full PPE for his wife and her team (another kindergarten teacher, paraprofessional, and literacy teacher). He told me they are so very nervous. Some teachers have drawn up their wills over the summer.

The decision to return to work/school/office is very difficult. I am not a teacher, but my remote work arrangement ends on August 3. I am not sure what I will do.

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Jul 21, 2020 11:01AM ajminn3 wrote:

Fellow sped teacher here. I teach elementary sped in a setting 3 ASD program. I provide a lot of support for my students that will not allow for social distancing (bathroom, meals/feeding, etc.). My state and district have not released their official plans beyond planning for all 3 options of distance, in person, or hybrid. I go back and forth with returning to school, but when it comes down to it, distance learning really is the way to go until covid is safely controlled. I struggle because distance learning was a disaster for my student population and selfishly, I miss my students and teaching in the classroom. I am anxiously awaiting to hear the official plans (supposedly coming by July 31).

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Jul 21, 2020 11:28AM - edited Jul 21, 2020 11:30AM by ctmbsikia

Hey Maverick, I'm also outside of Philadelphia.

My daughter who is young turning 34 next month is worried. She is good health wise but she is overweight which is a concern. I asked her honestly how she felt just for our own self, and she answered that she does not feel safe.

She is a reading specialist which requires her to be with multiple groups of children per day. K thru 2- which if it's true at this age they are not found to be spreaders as much as children over the age of 9 or 10 years. She said I'd be cleaning more than teaching! District has sent out preliminary plans but there's so many moving parts and variables with transportation, lunches, after school programs. Right now, they are constantly making schedules, and then they are re-scheduling. Her union rep was not allowed to speak publicly in from of the school board. I can come back and update this, but I think they are coming up with an in-school plan, hybrid plan, and remote plan.

I feel like in PA at least they are going to open, and that there could be lots of interruptions, but at least if they try it and fails, it will be a "known" right? It won't work. Then, hopefully the remote learning plan takes over until a vaccine is ready, or the virus just "disappears" like our Dear Leader thinks it will. He's an idiot.

I feel for you teachers, especially special ed. If you must go, then yes gear up!

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Jul 21, 2020 11:45AM - edited Jul 21, 2020 11:46AM by kksmom3

I am a paraprofessional in a kindergarten class. I am beyond nervous and am thinking about just quitting. I'm 63, 2 years from some retirement benefits, not much since I've only worked in this district for 5 years, but it's not at all about the $. I can afford to quit, thanks to my husband. I just hate the thought of it. My district has to offer virtual learning. I've never been a spec ed para, only Gen Ed in K rooms for 20 some years, but I'm thinking about seeing if I'd qualify for a virtual para position.

I already know I'd need to provide doctor's documentation. Is my diagnosis from almost 2 years ago enough? You can see my treatment in the tag line. I should have no problem with my immune system,....... but I am 63, other than fricking cancer, I'm in pretty good health!! I don't know FOR SURE that my dr would sign off.......or if I even want to do this.

I can't see me being in a classroom with 20-21 kids. I'd have to social distance from my teacher, I mean, how is that supposed to work? We are mandated to wear a mask and a shield, but I'm just wondering what this is going to look like. My stress level is getting quite high and we know that's not good for us either.

It might be time to say good-bye and that makes me as sad as finding out I had cancer!

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Jul 21, 2020 12:00PM mavericksmom wrote:

ajminn3, I here you about the spec ed population. So many kids have no support at home to help them. Lets face it, the whole educational system took a hit with this virus. But, kids are resilient and will bounce back. I just want all of us to be alive so when there is finally some control of the virus via drugs and vaccines, we can all get back in the classroom.

Consistency, starting remotely and going back when it is safe to do so, is really the best way. Starting/stopping, alternating days, are not going to be effective.

My husband and I need to get our will revised. I have to put it on my *must do* list!

ctmbsikia, the problem is by "fail" I assume you mean there will be cases and people will die? When I heard someone in the south say "we could lose 2-3% in the schools," I felt like screaming at him! My school is huge. 2-3%= over 20-30 people, students and staff. Which students and staff deaths would he be okay with???

I know how hard it is, particularly with elementary ages, when both parents are working. Both my children have children who are very young and they are having a hard time juggling work and kids. But, at the end of the day, they are all healthy and alive, at least for now! I think that must be a priority!

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Jul 21, 2020 12:51PM spookiesmom wrote:

My DD is an elementary music teacher. She gets the whole school over a week. As opposed to the classroom teacher with the same group of kids. She also has 2 kids, one to be in 7 th, one to be in 10. Unfortunately we are in Florida with a governor who is the laughing stock of our country. The biggest teacher union in Florida has sued the idiot, and put up a petition against reopening classrooms.

I’m worried sick about all of it. I’d like to see the schools stay closed until this is better controlled or gone. I understand child care is an issue for parents, death is a bigger more pressing issue. Or should be. Who will take care of the kids if parents are dead? I worked for my local school district for over 23 years. Lunch lady, then bus driver . If I hadn’t retired then, I’d be gone now No way would I sit in one of those big yellow germ factory with those kids

Wear a mask people. Tell your officials to keep the schools closed.

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Jul 21, 2020 12:58PM fishingal68 wrote:

I feel your pain! I work in a high school setting with Career & Technology Education students from several high schools. My job requires 1-on-1 interaction, especially with students with special needs. I live in 1 state (OK) where face masks are not mandated, and work in another one (MO). Governors in both states are okay with schools opening up.

To add to my worries, my labs have been low since I was on chemo (2 years ago), and have not rebounded. I'm scheduled for a bone marrow biopsy on Monday and return to school next Thursday.

Our local district is going with 3 options for most students; however, tech kids have to be here every day, so we'll be full in my building. We are being provided with 2 face masks & a bottle of cleaner to clean at our own discretion, but even that has me freaked out.

My best friend had an allergic reaction to the cleaners used in her office. She got so sick that it created other issues & she ended up in ICU. (She's still there).

I can't afford not to work. I can't afford another health crisis. I have obtained my own masks, cleaner, and gloves, but is that enough?

So, what's a girl to do?

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Jul 21, 2020 02:03PM mavericksmom wrote:

Oh fishingal68! I am so sorry, completely understand, but don't know what else to say or what to do. It is all messed up. The rich will survive, the rest of us, not so much.

I just received a copy of our schools opening plans via email. Half number of kids, alternating days. I don't trust the administration. I need to upgrade my will for sure!

I have to go back because I can't afford not to. I am so depressed! I dealt with the threat of a school shooter, which still can happen, but at least with a shooter you have half a chance of defending yourself and the kids! You know who the threat is. Now all we can do is think of each child and adult as being positive for Covid.

Spookiesmom, I wrote to our superintendent twice, no response. The second time I spoke up for our bus drivers, because I don't think administration cares about them at all. Many were older and I don't expect them to come back. Maybe with so many out of work more people will apply, but why? Pay is horrible, conditions are horrible and the roads are a mess. I always said they couldn't pay me enough to be a bus driver and that was before Covid! I was a bus aide on the "short bus" for special education summer programs for two summers. What an eye opener. Some of those poor kids spend over an hour on the bus one way! I don't know how you did that job!

I can tell you, I won't be doing my job as normal. I don't even care about doing my job. Honestly I am so afraid, I can't think about helping the kids, I can only think about staying away from them! I never thought it would come to this! I love the kids, I usually do a fair share of comforting them, but now, how do I do that safely?

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Jul 21, 2020 02:12PM spookiesmom wrote:

Ha, it’s amazing what a person will do for over 23 years for insurance. What has me gobsmacked with the busses is, they are saying the kids will load from the back, exit out the front. What? They’re going to use ladders to get in? I’m 5’4”. It was a real stretch for me to reach the back door handle. Just another example of them not thinking things through.

And thank you for being concerned about all support personnel.

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Jul 21, 2020 04:18PM - edited Jul 21, 2020 04:19PM by salamandra

I'm a high school special ed teacher and I'm terrified. I teach in NYC, in one of the heavier hit areas.

There was a week in April when every single day I learned of another student in my school who lost their parent or primary caregiver grandparent. And then on top of that the long term hospitalizations and waiting for news.

I don't believe that any precautions the city actually does take (in reality, not in fancy papers) will be effective. I don't see how we avoid going back to April. I'm basically looking at helping to orphan my students.

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