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Posted on: Aug 10, 2021 01:07PM

Posted on: Aug 10, 2021 01:07PM

finallyoverit wrote:

Hi everyone,

I saw my MO yesterday for a normal, check-in visit and to get results of a recent scan (all stable! 😁). I asked him if I was offered a booster vaccine (received the Pfizer vaccine many months ago and had no ill effects) should I take it. He said yes, even though I’m not considered immunocompromised, he said it wouldn’t be a bad thing to take it.

Just throwing it out there for anyone that might be wondering the same thing. This is just my MOs take on it, but I will say he trained at MD Anderson and teaches the fellows at John’s Hopkins. The 3rd or booster shot isn’t a “thing” yet, but I wanted to get his opinion in the event that I’m offered it. I was really on the fence. I don’t have any strong feeling about not taking it, but wanted to make sure that it would be something that would benefit me before accepting it.

Take care, all!

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Aug 20, 2021 11:21AM jhl wrote:

I'm in California & got my third Moderna booster yesterday. I registered via the CVS scheduling & got right in. I also got my flu shot at the same time. I'm kind of puny today but not bad. My husband had his third Pfizer yesterday as well although he was at a different CVS.

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Aug 20, 2021 04:41PM racheldog wrote:

I am glad someone started this thread about the 3rd booster. I am currently on Herceptin infusions and have two more to go. I would consider myself after Kadcyla, recent radiation to breast and now the monoclonal antibody infusion that I am immunocompromised ----even though labs have been OK. You cannot go through all these modalities and think that your immune system is back to normal. My NP and surgeons agreed. My issue is the timing of getting this third booster when you are in treatment? I plan to dig into this and ask the oncs (followed by two, one at University). I had started Kadcyla when I got my 2nd Moderna injection, had a raging 104 fever during the night and ended up in the ER. Having a port central line in is always a worry. All was fine after a million tests .

I do worry about going through the Herceptin and getting the 3rd dose. Have two infusions left. On the other hand, all should be aware that if you are having mammography imaging that these vaccines can cause false reads because of lymphadenopathy. I am due for my first diagnostic bilateral mammos since my diagnosis and already have scan-anxiety about that! A dilemma in when to give the 3rd dose while in treatment with infusions?

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Aug 20, 2021 05:19PM - edited Aug 20, 2021 05:41PM by raymondaz

I just got the booster on Monday. I was going on vacation to Hawaii and wanted to beat the rush before I returned

I was in the Pfizer trial so my first two vaccines were sept 2020

They did not offer a booster at trial so I withdrew from trial

I walked into Walgreens it's available as a walk in nationwide to anyone immucompromised. My levels were good at 7 month blood test but has slightly diminished at 11 months I self tested at Labcorp to check antibody levels

Same side effects for me as second shot sore arm a bit tired the next day that's it!

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Aug 20, 2021 08:11PM mountainmia wrote:

I'll get my 3rd shot on Tuesday. I had a PCP appt today and the check-out sheet said I qualify, so I signed up right away. Silver lining to having needed to go to the doc today!

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Aug 20, 2021 08:19PM exbrnxgrl wrote:

Oops, had to move my booster to Tuesday. I forgot that I pick my grandson up from school on Mondays. Bad grandmother! 🤦🏻♀️

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Aug 22, 2021 08:06AM candy-678 wrote:

So I had my Booster on Friday afternoon. By Friday night I developed a fever. Fever for 24 hours straight--- as high as 103.1 !!!!!! Headache, nausea. Took Tylenol (maxed dose 4000mg in 24 hours) and even put ice packs on armpits. Today, Sunday, better.

So I thought that with the vaccine that the body thinks it is under attack and mounts an immune response. Boy did I !!!! But, if I would really get Covid how could I be asymptomatic????!!!! Wouldn't I get the fever, etc while the body is fighting the Covid infection??? I would think I would be pretty sick if I got Covid, if I was that sick with the vaccine.


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Aug 22, 2021 11:15AM exbrnxgrl wrote:


I think it’s not possible at this time (as far as I know) to use ones reaction to the vaccine to predict how sick one might get if they contracted Covid19. I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical training so I am always uncomfortable about medical speculation. I am very glad you’re feeling better!

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Aug 23, 2021 02:13PM ohionana1605 wrote:

I am looking for a Moderna booster and wondered why you said having a port line might be a problem? Th

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Aug 23, 2021 02:45PM exbrnxgrl wrote:

Ohio nana,

It’s unclear who you are addressing. When you reply to a post it just adds it to the end of the whole thread, not after the comment you’re responding to.

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Aug 24, 2021 05:27PM exbrnxgrl wrote:

I got my Pfizer booster today. I had gotten my first two at a mass vaccination site in early March when vaccines were difficult to come by. My self contained HMO was holding COVID vaccinations in a very large tent sheltered outdoor area that was in an area of the campus I didn’t even know existed! After I passed through the initial paperwork process, I was directed toward the side of the tent where Pfizer vaccines were being given. Oddly, I noticed that the line on the Moderna side was much longer. Since Pfizer got full FDA approval yesterday, I would have thought more people would have opted for Pfizer. This vaccination site was not just for boosters so I would have thought more people, first jabs, would have gone for Pfizer.

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