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Posted on: Aug 27, 2021 09:00PM - edited Sep 3, 2021 06:56PM by kbl

Posted on: Aug 27, 2021 09:00PM - edited Sep 3, 2021 06:56PM by kbl

kbl wrote:

Covid discussion.

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Sep 7, 2021 11:13PM alwaysmec wrote:

I really don't agree that it's been a slugfest in here. That's quite a bit exaggerated. There have been words like stupid and dumb stated in response to some comments, but that's nothing compared to the death of an elderly person, yet the expectation is that people should not be offended by losing beloved elderly. Perspective is relevant, and it appears the people who did respond with not so strong (literally school yard level) language experienced Covid to the worst extent or pretty badly. But let's get our feelings, or is it pride, hurt because they wanna say F off, or feel the need to bombard a person with as much information they feel is necessary to get their point across? To be offended by words compared to not being offended by the physical consequence of death in the elderly is a very strange reason for taking offense to. As the saying goes, "sticks and stones..." IMO it's more offensive to dismiss a life than to try to convince someone that that life matters, especially when the rationale is that people should be able to live their life as they please. It's a conflicting viewpoint; the importance of quality of life, yet being okay to sacrifice others lives.

It's also odd that some people feel the need to express their dissatisfaction with evidence presented to them, yet are unwilling to accept another person's dissatisfaction with what they themselves are presenting.

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Sep 7, 2021 11:29PM nopink2019 wrote:

I too "have 1 foot in the grave" along with all of us stage IV. Guess all the wonderful research we rely on to keep us alive for maybe a brief time could have been put to better use? Should we only write off stage IV, or maybe stage 1 too since there is no cure for bc, only NED? As far as "safe and effective" go...maybe you should research chemo drugs! Start with adriamycin aka red devil.

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Sep 7, 2021 11:37PM blue22 wrote:

Arguing that it is or was not an emergency is also not taking into account what would have happened if we had not taken the measures we already have. Imagine the impact on hospitals and medical staff if we had just let the virus burn through the population. It is already horrendous. Why is that so difficult for people to understand?

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Sep 8, 2021 12:10AM trinigirl50 wrote:


It seems to me, that you rather enjoy using highly emotive (combative) language yourself. So do I, but I have schooled myself not to engage. We don't want a real slugfest. Good of you to step away. Perhaps a crack will let the light in. Be well.

My rant for today: my son got another "close contact" phone call today. What the fucking fucking fuck. He is vaccinated, but how many "close contacts" can he have before he catches Covid?

Lawd fadder. (Caribbean slang for "Lord Father" said while rolling one's eyes).

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Sep 8, 2021 12:18AM serenitystat wrote:

trinigirl - Hope your son isn't infected. Schools do seem to be stress testing the vaccine.

On runor- I know her so many words were callous. Frankly, her words never made me feel bad because they carry no weight. Her pandemic ideas come from failed physician/comedian podcasters(???). I have never expected she'd change her mind when she chooses not to listen to experts.

What surprised me is that she repeated her words when it hurt people the first time she posted them. Is she a glutton for punishing? jhl is right. Let's carry on without her hysteria.

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Sep 8, 2021 07:15AM - edited Sep 8, 2021 07:16AM by muska

@ runor ThumbsDown

“I still think this pandemic was not a crisis and should have been downgraded in emergency status about 2 months in when we knew our kids were not dying. Is it okay for frail elderly to die? I guess if you expect another 100 years out of your frail elderly then you might be shocked and freaked out to learn that old people die. But to me, no, the deaths of those who had one foot in the grave already is not a global panic.“

My dear, with your diagnosis you might join the “one foot in the grave" group sooner than you hope.

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Sep 8, 2021 09:42AM wrenn wrote:

It's like the anti intellect types have broken receivers. They are only able to transmit. Spewing the same craziness even after being shunned is proof that she is not taking in any information other than from the other nuts like Joe Rogan (wonder how he is doing with his covid?).

Sep 8, 2021 09:43AM - edited Sep 8, 2021 09:50AM by erento

Someone with Stage II breast cancer who is on Tamoxifen, has a much higher chance of dying of uterine or breast (or ovarian) cancer than any side effect that the "experimental" mRNA vaccine may have. I blame this lapping up on pseudoscience and BS podcasters, who are mostly in it for the profit, on an education system that failed to teach critical thinking. The whole fringe "truth-seeking" anti-vax community is like a cult and when looked at that way, is best ignored. They're hopelessly unreachable, no matter how damaging to the rest of us they are. Let's hope science and an updated vaccine will negate the need for them to get vaxxed.

The irony is that they never understand or admit that they are primarily protected thanks to rest of us who did get vaccinated.

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