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Posted on: Mar 23, 2013 04:30PM

Posted on: Mar 23, 2013 04:30PM

ascott287 wrote:

I am going to tell you a story about the most amazing people I know. When I was three years old, my grandparents got guardianship of my brother and I, so we have lived with them almost our whole lives. They have done everything they could to make us kids happy, even though we had to move a lot. We have had a lot of struggles in our life that made us have to move, from city to city, state to state, and school to school. A different school every year, it was really hard on us. We have had our house burn down and my grandpa has dealt with quite a few heart attacks. Through all the pain we have experienced, we have still stuck together as a strong family. They are my Nanny and Papa, and my heroes. Eight years ago, we moved to a small town where we have been living ever since.

Two years ago, Nanny got diagnosed with cancer. We were so scared and had no idea what to expect. It started in her breast, so she had a mastectomy. She had to take chemo and radiation, and my Papa was right with her through EVERYTHING. He took her to every doctor’s appointment, and did everything he could to help her. They even shaved their heads together when she started to lose her hair. He was her rock. We were hopeful that the chemo would get rid of her cancer, but it has spread to her liver and her lungs. She is doing chemo again, and this time it is a really strong chemo called “The Red Devil.” 

This time around doing chemo is very hard for her, because she no longer has her rock to be by her side and to help her with everything. My Papa was so dedicated to helping her, that he wasn’t so concerned with his own health. On 12/12/12, I got the phone call that my papa was being airlifted to the hospital. I immediately left work to go be with him. All the family was there, and we waited for hours. Finally we got to go back to see him, but we didn’t expect what we seen in that hospital bed that day. Nothing could have ever prepared us for that moment. He was already gone, and it was the worst day of our lives. This heart attack ended his life. We lost the man who was our hero. And now my Nanny has to go through all of this without him.

So not only is my Nanny fighting a hard battle against cancer, but she is also doing it while dealing with the loss of her husband. They are my heroes, and everyone who has met them could say the same thing. Everyone in this little town calls them Nanny and Papa, they have all been touched by them in some way. Nanny is a very strong woman, and Papa was a strong man. He served our country, so he should be everyone’s hero also. These two people are the most amazing people I know, and I should have written to you before Papa lost his life. He was always telling me to, but I never listened. I never thought it would work. But I am not going to wait around until it’s too late to write for Nanny. I know that Papa is looking down at me right now smiling. Nanny deserves something, she deserves the world actually, but anything would help. She has been really down lately, so anything would cheer her up. I really hope that somebody reads this; I want everyone to know how amazing these two people are. My Nanny and Papa are my heroes, and their story is truly inspirational.

Please go to this link and 'like' and 'share' this story, and to see a picture of her. I am trying to share her story with everyone, because I hate sitting here and watching her get worse. I feel like by doing this, I am doing something for her, since I can't make her better. Maybe someone will see this and want to help her. She got turned down by a lot of the Cancer centers because she doesn't have the money. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Here is the link:

Thanks again! I really appreciate it and it means so much to my family and I! Good luck to all of you!

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Mar 23, 2013 04:49PM blainejennifer wrote:

I was raised by my grandparents too. They were my "Memo" and "Popo".

If you have any questions about her care, this is the place. Unless she can join us herself, which would be great.

If you are looking for support, as her caregiver, we have a very nice forum for that. Check it out.

Take care.

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Mar 23, 2013 04:53PM ascott287 wrote:

Aww that's sweet. She has already joined, over a year ago. I seen that forum after I posted this and posted on that one too. Thank you!

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