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Topic: Mucinous carcinoma at 28 and single. What's the best plan?

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Posted on: Dec 24, 2018 07:53PM

Shirlyn wrote:

Hi girls,

I just got diagnosed mucinous carcinoma stage 2 breast cancer (left) on 17dec18. I'm er/pr+ and her2-. So far, mri, pet scan, ultrasound showed negative in the lymph node. Pet scan for the whole body was negative too. The lump is about 3cm big and I have multiple complicated cyst on the left as well (not sure what these means and the effect of having them?)

Im caught in a dilemma now of whether to do a mastec of lumpec:( I was told from doctor 1 that mastec would be a better choice as lumpec would not be that aesthetically pleasant plus I have to bear the side effects of RT in the future. Doctor 2, however was quite confident lumpec+rt would be sufficient for me and that the other complicated cysts are not much of a worry.

Can anybody help? :(

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Dec 26, 2018 05:20AM Moderators wrote:

Dear Shirlyn,

We want to send you a big warm welcome to the Community. Sorry your circumstances has brought you here but we sincerely hope that it will be a source of great support to you.

We know it's not an easy decision, but with this post we're bumping your thread to the first positions so more people will see it and you have a better chance of a reply from someone experienced that can give you some advice.

Good luck, and please let us know if we can be of any assistance!

The Mods

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