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Topic: Rest in The Light of Prayer

Forum: Prayers and Spiritual Support —

A safe place to find comfort in and share words of prayer, healing, and encouragement.

Posted on: Feb 5, 2007 05:11AM

csp wrote:

Prayer is a way of life, a way to move through life with peace in our hearts. Prayer is a tool which we use to build our awareness of God within and to bring ourselves closer to God. And it is this awareness of God�s presence that keeps us poised and centered in times of challenge.

Set aside time each day for prayer. Begin your quiet time by relaxing your body and opening your mind to an awareness of God. Breathe deeply, knowing that you are in the presence of God and the presence of God is within you. Let go of your concerns and know that all is well.

As you close your eyes and release any thought of the world around you, begin to think about God � about God�s presence in your life. Focus your mind on a single thought or idea or scripture that resonates with you. Repeat this idea over and over, either silently or aloud until it becomes your only thought.

Allow this focused state of mind to move you into a deeper awareness of God. �Be still � and know that I am God.� Be still as you connect with this divine presence within you.

From the depth of your being, know that you are one with God. This knowing, this realization as you experience God�s holy presence is �silent soul communion.� In this receptive state of mind and heart, listen for the inspiration of God, the answers to your prayers.

Give Thanks
Let gratitude be your heart�s joyous response to this experience of communion with God and with God's infinite goodness. Give thanks for blessings to come, ready to receive your good.

Centered in the love of God in this prayerful moment, I am at peace.

I am wise and free as I let divine light radiate in and through me.

Created in the image of God, I express pure life and energy.

Through the all-providing love of God, I am abundantly blessed

�The real search for all people is for God. They may think they are looking for other things, but they must eventually admit that it is God they seek.�

�Charles Fillmore



from Unity The Daily word
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Feb 5, 2007 05:55AM TheShopMama wrote:

Oh thank you, Carrie! I needed this so much today!
Blessings, Pam
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Jan 28, 2019 12:03AM footprintsangel wrote:

I love doing it and find warmth and God's love

around me. 

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Jan 28, 2019 03:14AM ChristineGJ wrote:

Seeing this topic and knowing that God is with me through this beginning process.... makes me at ease, stronger and not to worry of what will come. I thank you God for Carrie's message to bring me closer to God!

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