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Topic: Words of Faith by a wonderful woman, I love u Ma.

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Posted on: Feb 25, 2011 08:08PM

MamasBoy wrote:

Hi, My mother passed away a couple months ago age 52.  She was a devout Catholic that possessed a down to earth personality.  Always filled with joy, faith and love.  We have no regrets, my brother and I fought tooth and nail to save her from this horrible disease and we know that she did the same as well.   My mother always told me the best gift you can give someone is your helping hand. Hopefully this letter could help someone.  I thank everyone on this site that helped with me with my mother's medical questions for the last couple of years.  All of you women are truly remarkable!

Below I share with you the words she wrote on September 15, 2009, a little more than a year before her death, and which was read as her very own eulogy.

"Growing closer to God is a good adventure. It will never end because we are constantly searching for God in this life. It is true that when we experience suffering we feel more united with God. I can speak from my own experience. Life has taught me a lot. I feel that despite all my anguish and torment God has been giving me the inspiration to accept my cross.

Believe in God I see this suffering as a gift from Him. I know that he doesn‟t want me to suffer but is allowing this to happen to me. I know that Jesus is sad and He is suffering with me because He is Jesus of compassion. Why is He allowing this to happen? I don‟t know. I am sure there is a reason, maybe he needs me. I feel that by having this great faith and trust in God it has been a tremendous help for me. I am so blessed and great full to God for giving me the gift of love, compassion, and understanding so I can deal with life.

When I got diagnosed with cancer in February of 2008 I accepted this sickness. I did so well and I was so optimistic about life. The wonderful people that have been surrounded by me were saddened about the news. Somehow, I was the one who could give them faith, strength and hope. Since then my life has changed. I tried to become a better person by living a

simple life and to be there to help others. Also I look at the world in different way: everything around me because and each day was a blessing to live on this earth. I knew that my mission wasn‟t over. One day I was praying I fell on the floor and the words that Jesus put in my heart was. „I want you to bring souls to me.‟

August 2009 the cancer came back. The diagnosis was more serious and my suffering was more severe. Once again I accepted this sickness and I see as a gift from God. I don‟t know what the future will bring but I am not going to be alone Jesus, Mary and two Angels will be always there for me. I am not afraid. Why should I be afraid? I simply say that I am here for Him. I know God gives me the ability to make the right choices. Jesus is a healer. He can use me as an instrument of love and consolation to others. He can heal me if He wants to or he can use me to suffer for others. Jesus wants me to give my life completely to Him by trusting in His Mercy.

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Feb 25, 2011 10:47PM MissBianca wrote:

Dear Mama's Boy,

I read your mother's words with streams of tears and a huge lump in my throat. You must treasure each and every word that she was inspired to write, and there could not have been a dry eye during her eulogy. What an amazing testament to her faith. I have no doubt that she is very proud and smiling down at you from heaven, as you share her great courage, faith, compassion, and humility with the world.  You have my heart also, as I love my son so very much, and it hurts me that you have lost yours. I treasure my own mama's boy, and I have no doubt that she deeply treasures you and your brother.

God bless you and thank you so very much for sharing her with us.

Hope is the dream of a soul awake.

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