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Topic: mamo after tram flap ??

Forum: Breast Reconstruction — Is it right for you? Discuss timing and various procedures and techniques.

Posted on: Jun 25, 2007 12:00PM

good_grief wrote:

Hi, I had half my breast removed due to bc four years ago and I just had the tram flap recon on 5/1 of this year. I'm due for my mamo in July and I can't even think about puting my breast in that contraption at this point. I am going to contact my surgeon and ask if he can write me a script for an ultrasound on the reconstructed breast and a mamogram for the good one. Anyone else ever have this prob? What did you do?

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Jun 25, 2007 02:17PM cbl wrote:

I had my TRAM done in August and my mammogram in February but the mammogram was only of the remaining "good side". There is little or no breast tissue on your TRAM side so a mammogram is not the appropriate imaging for that side. Ask the doctor to order the mammogram (digital if possible) for your remaining original and what if any other procedure would be appropriate for the TRAM.

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Jun 25, 2007 02:43PM rubytuesday wrote:

Mary, Since you still have a half breast on your TRAM side, no doubt, your breast surgeon/oncologist/gyno will want a mammogram. Talk to your PS about it and then whichever Drs. are important to your care. I personally have fought the mammogram/ultrasound debate with my oncologist and won. I have VERY dense breasts and mammograms tend not to show anything on me....missed bc TWICE (3 lumps). I only get a mammogram when I feel the to establish a new baseline after surgery for example. Ultrasounds and MRIs are much better diagnostic tools for me. Best wishes!

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