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Topic: anyone have Capsular Contracture with expanders?

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Posted on: Aug 26, 2007 05:39AM

KimOH wrote:

I now have a "scar tissue tight from bottom of expander to skin underneath that is not stretching from last fill 2 weeks ago. . It hurts and I'm calling PS tomorrow. . does this mean removal or take some saline out. . .I've been massaging it, but not going ago. . .anyone?

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Aug 26, 2007 07:25AM determinedmom wrote:

Oh Kim I hope not - all doctors are on call and if you are that concerned, call the office and leave a message w/ the service. Your PS should call you back. I have started w/ scar therapy, postop lotion & silico-lipid serum. I started using cocoa butter on the rest of the breast which seems to help me.

Hang in there girlfriend.
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Aug 26, 2007 08:15AM iodine wrote:

I had severe cap contracture with my first expander and my ps denied that it was severe, unfortunately.
It was so bad that that expnsion was unsuccessful and at the time of exchange did not allow a full enough size implant so he just reduced my good boob to match a too small implant. Can you believe this!
At time of exchange I was about the size of a half soft ball. No kidding!
When I had the second go, I was filled with 1100cc., a major difference, obviously.
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Aug 26, 2007 03:39PM KimOH wrote:

iodine, your kidding me. . .thats how they fixed it? thats not acceptable . . .1100cc, thats alot of fil;l I'm only up to 410cc and I think the last fill was too much too fast, , ,it hurt more than the last couple of times. Calling, no "seeing" Plastic Surgeon tomorrow, sorry Determined, I know if I call "now" theres nothing he can do until hes back in the office. . .I didnt go thru all this to be disappointed. . .will keep you guys informed. . thanks Kim

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Aug 27, 2007 04:03AM barbara913 wrote:

i had a skin sparing mastectomy w/ silicone implants back in sept 05... my left one was always nice and squishy, but my right was always kind of tight... i didn't think much of it, just thought it needed more time to loosen up and than this past march (it think) it got reddish and very tight and shiny looking so i went to the dr. who put me on antibiotics and the redness and the real real tightness went away, but it's still not like the other one, so in oct i am going to get the rt one removed and replaced. my dr. never used the word capsular contracture, but after looking it up on line, i think that is what i have. they grade it according to look and feel and mine is not as bad as some, but still very annoying to me.
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Aug 27, 2007 02:54PM KimOH wrote:

barbara, I'm sorry to hear that its still very annoying, hopefully, when you have the surgery in Oct.this time it will be corrected. . .I think too, after my reading up on the subject, that is what I have. . dumbed. . .I have appointment tomorrow with PS - will let all know my options. . . I'm hoping it will be corrected during the "exchange" surgery. Best of luck to you. Kim

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Aug 27, 2007 04:38PM gracejon wrote:

had capsular contractures with expanders. I ultimately had an autologous reconstruction and the de implant known as explant took the most time cause those expanders had significant contracture. BTW, I also had 1,000 ml in them

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