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Topic: DIEP and Weight Loss

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Posted on: Apr 9, 2008 08:19AM

marejo wrote:

Hello ladies,

Another question for you ladies who had DIEP (no implants - just DIEP) - after surgery was completed, did any of you lose a considerable amount of weight - say 10 pounds.  How did the affect the DIEP breasts.

I have gained about 7 pounds and surgery will be June 17.  My PS said "do not go home and gain weight as you wait for the surgery...whatever you gain will be lost afterwards anyway."  So, that got me thinking now (dangerous I know  Cool) - after the surgery is finished I want to get back to a much healthier way of living - I would like to drop about 10 pounds.  What happens then?  Do the "boobs" go bye bye or what?

Some of you must have lost weight after surgery - what happened to your new boobs.  I have enough abdominal fat now for 2 "B" boobs - that's it.....will I end up an "A" later down the line. 

Mary Jo

9 year NED Survivor Dx 6/24/2005, IDC, 4cm, Stage IIB, Grade 3, 1/2 nodes, ER-/PR-, HER2+
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Apr 9, 2008 09:08AM flyrzfan wrote:

hmmm, excellent question Marejo -except now you have me thinking too!! I also have just enough for two b's but would like to lose some of the trunk I have gained...if I lose from one area, will it affect another? Didn't really think about that as my surgeon didn't discuss weighloss at all?

Ladies? any experiences to relate?

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Apr 9, 2008 09:44AM BethNY wrote:

Everyone is different.  It depends on where your body loses and gains weight.  I don't think 10 pounds will make a huge difference in the breasts-- but 20-30 pounds, and you'll gain or lose a cup size.

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Apr 9, 2008 10:14AM jewelsinalabama wrote:

I asked my ps...if women usually loose weight in their belly last (which I usually do) and they end up with a DIEP, TRAM, MS TRAM etc,  then when they loose wt, will they loose in their new "breasts" last?  He laughed and said let me know after your surgery when you loose the wtSmile
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Apr 9, 2008 10:23AM ijl wrote:

I asked my PS the same question and he told me that it was highly unlikely. But then I never got to test this theory as I gained weight after surgery :)

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Apr 9, 2008 06:43PM DebzNY wrote:

Hi Marejo:

I had my diep surgery June 2007.  I gained weight from Thanksgiving to New Years(damn - no control) However I went on a weight loss program Jan 13 and lost 23lbs to date.  My nipple surgery was last thursday and dog ear removed.  My girls are looking as full and perky as ever.  I am a small D.  So my size did not change with the weight going up or down.  That may not be the

norm, but I am living proof they are just fine!  My ps said...don't lose too much more you look great!  Losing too much and keeping it off has never been my problemCool  I am a lifetime member of two weight loss plans..and trust me I am using them throughout  my lifetime!  I am about 10 lbs less than I was in June and would like to try for a few more.  I walk 20 miles a week and just feel so much better all the way around.  I am 50 yrs old soon to be 51.  Talk to your plastic surgeon about your own personal body type but I think a 10-15 lb loss should be fine.

Time to Live! Dx 2/28/2007, DCIS, Stage 0, 0/4 nodes
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Apr 9, 2008 08:14PM BessB wrote:

Hi Marejo,

I had my bilateral w/immed diep 7 January 08.  Within two weeks I lost 12 pounds ... don't know why as I was not trying.  I did have very large D cups prior to surgery and my breasts were very heavy ... but 12 pounds worth???  I am now a small C but I think that is what my PS was aiming for ... all I told her was that I did not want to be as big as I was.  Aside from the swelling that went down I have not lost any weight in my new breasts.  Hope this helps, JulsB

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Apr 10, 2008 12:11AM Kathy_K wrote:

After this big a surgery, I think it is natural to lose a bit of weight.  Especially if you were large breasted to begin with.  I had a unilateral last year and ended up with a net loss of 7 lbs. 

I do have a friend who lost only 15 lbs after her surgery - inspired by her new flat tummy - and was baffled by the loss in size of her foob.  Hadn't realized that might happen.

I think that if your body type is such that every ounce shows in your tummy ( + or - ) you will be likely to see that same reaction in the foob.  If it stubbornly stayed put regardless of your weight, you will probably remain stable up there, too.

When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility for more truth around her. Adrienne Rich
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Apr 12, 2008 08:35PM Callygee wrote:

My PS told me that weight loss will be lost all over, including foob(s), just as the original twins would change with your weight loss. I'm still waiting to DIEP!

Why did the patient go through treatment? To get to the other side! Dx 8/8/2007, IDC, 5cm, Stage IIB, Grade 1, 1/3 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-

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