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Topic: Internal Stitches

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Posted on: Oct 21, 2009 01:54PM

Lisa-Lisa wrote:

I am really stuck here, please any advise will help.  Had reconstruction Oct 09/immediate implants then chemo- yeah, one year out!  BUT I have a few stitches poking me and the stitch line inside where the muscle was connected is a little uncomfortable.  Told my PS  he said we could do an in office on the stitches which will result in little incision scars...in my case 2-3 plus the mostectomy scars, what a mess OR  he could go in and remove all the stitches thru my mostectomy scars because I don't need them anymore.  The second option will be more involved and I just don't know how to make a decision. I really didn't want to have any more surgery- UGH  :(

Dx 9/13/2008, DCIS, <1cm, Stage I, Grade 1, 1/12 nodes, HER2+
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Oct 23, 2009 10:28PM Lisa-Lisa wrote:

Just a little additional note....Has anyone had their internal stitches removed I need more information before I make a decision, if not where should I look for more information?

Dx 9/13/2008, DCIS, <1cm, Stage I, Grade 1, 1/12 nodes, HER2+
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Oct 23, 2009 10:54PM TenderIsOurMight wrote:

Hi Lisa-Lisa,

I had a few stitches with which I struggled in that they poked upward and also caused itching after surgeries. Eventually the surface stitch came through the skin incision as a thread, so my surgeon cut it. I did have one deeper stitch which formed a protection of inflammation around it (called a granuloma) and that had to be removed. It was on the side, near my axilla so needed a new incision.

I think, and please ask your surgeon this, most sutures are absorb able sutures in the reconstruction business. Of course, not the old "gut" type of really, fast absorbable sutures they use to use, but still absorbable over time (like 3 weeks or so). So if you can hold out, you might be able to avoid more incisions. To relax the muscle involving the suture, you might ask for a small dose of valium. Many plastic surgeons use it when the large chest wall pectoralis muscle or other muscles spasm, and if there is a suture in/near the muscle well it would be pulled. Judicial use of this drug may just help you get through this currently unpleasant time frame and spare you any further in office or other surgery.

Good luck to you. Let us know how you do.


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