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Topic: free tram flap

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Posted on: Jan 8, 2020 04:16PM

jco1 wrote:

I had mastectomy on one side and LD muscle transfer, which failed. my only option is now the Tram flap op. Am so nervous about this as i had a bumpy journey with the LD debacle. Please can anyone out there tell me how they got on with a free Tram op, was it worth it, was the recovery 8 weeks, does the tummy feel really weak afterwards due to the muscle being taken? would be grateful for any information and feedback ladies. thank you.

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Feb 24, 2020 12:41PM SoItGoes_KV wrote:

My surgeon (who published on TRAM in 2002) said he now uses DIEP most often. DIEP does not remove any muscle although it impacts muscle to "follow" the blood vessels. He claims patients do not report muscle weakness later. I am advocating for TUG and just starting to read about SGAP. Bottom line, there are many different locations to harvest the flap. Completely empathize that this is scary and overwhelming. TG there are good search engines and sites like this to help us get the most from our doctors. Good luck.

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