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Topic: Has anyone had muscle sparing lat flat?

Forum: Breast Reconstruction —

If you've had or will be having a mastectomy (or in some cases, lumpectomy), you're likely facing decisions about whether or not to have breast reconstruction, and if so, what type and when. Deciding whether or not to have a breast reconstructed is a very personal choice. Take the time you need to learn about how breast reconstruction might affect you, both emotionally and physically, before you decide to have the surgery.

Learn about different surgical options and the medical and personal issues around breast reconstruction.

Intro medically reviewed by: Brian Wojciechowski, M.D.
Last review date: November 22, 2020

Posted on: Mar 31, 2021 07:16AM

Manuella wrote:

Stage 1A 2016. I had a single mastectomy to avoid radiation. In 2017, I found a recurrence (they believe it was seeding from the original biopsy) right under the skin of my mastectomy, on top of my implant. Then had 36 sessions of radiation.

Fast forward to today. I just turned 40 last week. My foob has shrunk by more than half bc of radiation and it’s super high (like, almost clavicle high lol). I still have my native breast which is now bff with my navel, as they hang out together these days 🤣.

I am not a candidate for DIEP (how this is possible, I don’t know! CoVID has not been kind to me! 20 pound gain in a year. Ouch!).

I do not want anything done that includes cutting or repositioning my muscles. PS has offered to cut out skin and fat from my back to create a skin graft for a new/non-radiated boob and an implant. Has anyone had this done? I would love to hear your experience!

Have you had skin/fat grafts from other parts of your body? What was the experience? Are you happy with the results?

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Apr 23, 2021 01:42PM - edited Apr 24, 2021 02:10AM by besa

No personal experience but this recon is often referred to as TDAP.

Dx 2007, IDC, 2cm, Stage IIA, Grade 1, 0/1 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-

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