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Topic: Premenopausal & ALH

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Posted on: May 18, 2017 03:28PM

neujess wrote:

hi there- just curious if there is anyone else out there in a simila situation.

Little about me: I am 36, dense breasts, 25%ashkenazi Jewish heritage, grandmother and great aunts with breast cancer. Genetic testing to be done in June.

I went for a mammo due to suspicious lump (turned out to be multiple cysts) and they found microcalcs in the other breast. Stereotactic biopsy revealed ALH, wire localized excisional biopsy confirmed no malignancy. They want yearly Mri's and mammos on a rotating 6 month schedule. I do not want to take tamifloxin for multiple reasons.

Can't help but feel like a ticking time bomb.

4/5/17 mammo showing microcalcs, 4-10-17 stereotactic biopsy finding ALH, 5-11-17 wire guided excisional biopsy
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