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Topic: complex sclerosing lesion - biopsy result

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Posted on: Aug 28, 2017 06:33PM

KrisSF wrote:

I got my biopsy results back and its a complex sclerosing lesion - B9 - but they still want me to meet with a surgeon. Wanted to see if anyone has a similar experience and can shed any light or share info

many thanks!

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Aug 28, 2017 07:14PM MelissaDallas wrote:

Kris, another name for them is radial scar. They are often excised because in a very small percentage of them there is associated cancer in the area. If you use the search function you'll find lots of threads on the subject. I can't remember anyone here offhand being diagnosed with cancer when they had the excision.

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Aug 29, 2017 12:15AM KrisSF wrote:

thanks i will look up on forum. I think due to size it puts it the CSL category and i understand most likely will be excised

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Sep 13, 2017 01:08AM Maddie1974 wrote:

Hi KrisSF,

I received similar biopsy results as you. Did the surgeon decide to remove the lesion?

The doctor that called with my biopsy results said they would want it removed because there's a slight chance cancer can be hiding around it that the tiny biopsy sample didn't pick up. She told me to see a surgeon. I made an appt with the one I could see the soonest (maybe bad mistake). He said he won't remove it. I had a difficult time understanding due to his heavy accent, so I left the appt confused.

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Sep 13, 2017 01:18AM runor wrote:

I had a radial scar / sclerosing lesion. I opted to not bother with needle biopsy and went straight to surgical biopsy. Mine was cancer. But I am in the vast minority because the largest majority of these things are NOT cancer. Hold on to that hope. Not cancer.

I did not find mine through self exam. It was not able to be felt despite ending up 2.5 cms. My breast was hurting for several months, I thought it was just menopausal hormonal changes. When the pain did not let up I finally went for mammogram. An architectural distortion was the first finding, that changed to sclerosing lesion / radial scar.

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Sep 13, 2017 10:17AM beach2beach wrote:

Hi Kris,

I had one also and because of the remote possibility of it being cancer I had it set to be removed. Unfortunately found cancer in other breast but after I had surgery the side where I had the radial scar did not have cancer.

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