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Topic: Lost and worried

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Posted on: Jan 13, 2018 06:11PM

Omrawan wrote:


Hello everyone. I'm a mother of 3 kids i breastfed all of them. 7 month ago i noticed some change on my right nipple but i thought it's hormones then a month after I found blood on shirt from the same nipple. Went to the surgeon who did mammogram and found dialated ducts then ultrasound then ductogram then ultrasound again then MRI found a lump under the nipple. Then guided biopsy results they are not sure if it's b9 or cancerous!!!!! With birad 4 . The doctor wants to do lumpectomy to be in the safe side. Seeked a second opinion the don't recommend the surgery the want me to wait 6 month. Not sure if anyone traveled this exosting journey to share with me thier experience. Thanks.

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Jan 13, 2018 06:17PM - edited Jan 13, 2018 06:18PM by Georgia1

Hi Omrawan and so sorry you're struggling with this. If the biopsy is unclear, you can ask the pathology department at a second hospital to take a look at it; I can't tell if you've done that or not. But unless your report mentioned a radial scar, the normal course for your situation would be to wait six months then do a follow-up.

If you have the language from the MRI or biopsy you can post them here and someone smarter than me can give them a read.

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