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Topic: Breast cancer - Hormones positive - Tamixifen

Forum: High Risk for Breast Cancer — Due to family history, genetics, or other factors.

Posted on: Mar 4, 2019 03:11AM

pinknlavander wrote:

Is there anyone diagnose breast cancer with hormones positive and need to take Tamoxifen?. I also have hyperplasia without Atypia. My doctor recommended to remove my ovaries and uterus. Im still confused and scared is that will be the best thing to do

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Mar 4, 2019 08:45AM PebblesV wrote:

Hi pinknlavender - I’m currently taking tamoxifen at half dose and doing fine on it so far. Your doctor’s recon sounds very drastic and you should question if that’s necessary as once you remove the ovaries and uterus you can’t go back. I did not have anything removed.

There’s a useful thread here of a bunch of us going through different types of hormone therapy or some who have declined it entirely. You should be able to get info on your risk of recurrence etc so you can appropriately weigh risk vs benefit of various treatment options

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Mar 4, 2019 01:37PM - edited Mar 4, 2019 01:42PM by Moderators

Hi pinknlavander, did you have genetic testing and counseling done as well that are part of that recommendation? You may want to consider also getting a second opinion.

You may want to read here as well: Prophylactic ovary removal. Is it right for you?

and Alternatives to Prophylactic Ovary Removal

Or listen to this podcast (or read transcript): Prophylactic Surgery for Women at High Risk

Wishing you the best of luck,

The Mods

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Mar 4, 2019 06:05PM pinknlavander wrote:

hi PebblesV thank you for your suggestion. I live here in Hong Kong and I already went to two different oncologist. One oncologist said its ok not take Tamoxifen because i have hyperplasia but the chance of coming back at the right breast is low while the other left breast maybe 20%. the other oncologist said the same thing but she suggested to remove my breast and uterus. In order to prevent for future cancer of ovary and uterus because of side effect of Tamoxifen and i have hyperplasia already. My doctor in Philippines both gynecologist and breast surgeon suggested also to remove my uterus and ovary. I did not undergo chemotheraphy and radiation. The other doctor told me i have a very good prognosis so in order to prevent in reccurence tamoxifen is a must to take. i am really so confused right now . i went to different doctor and they say different things. I want to stop taking Tamoxifen but scared cancer will come back. If i will take Tamoxifen the side effect and the possible removal of my uterus and ovary is so scary. I just undergo mastectomy at my right breast last dec 17, 2018. Undergoing another surgery and facing possible negative effect is nightmare. i am getting depressed of my situation.

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Mar 4, 2019 06:26PM pinknlavander wrote:

Hi Moderators thank you for your advise and link. They did not recommend genetic testing but just based on my case. I will read the link and hopefully it gives me enlightment what to do . Thank you

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Mar 4, 2019 06:59PM Salamandra wrote:

I think it's very standard for premenopausal women with hormone receptor positive cancer to get tamoxifen.

For a higher risk case, doctors might recommend Ovarian Suppression PLUS Aromatase Inhibitor. This has been shown to be more promising for PR- cancer and and over all. It effectively puts you into menopause and drastically lowers any estrogen in your body. It's not recommended for all cases because of the side effect profile, is my understanding.

To me, removing of ovaries and uterus is, on the one hand, a step more drastic than ovarian suppression, and on the other hand, seemingly missing the Aromatase Inhibitor part that really makes a big difference.

I can't imagine how confusing it would be to see so many doctors and get so many different recommendations without really informative explanations.

I suppose that if a premenopausal woman were strongly opposed to taking any anti-hormonal therapy, then putting her in menopause would give her significantly more protection than nothing at all.

Are you opposed to hormonal therapy, or is the availability limited in your home country? That might be impacting your recommendations.

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Mar 4, 2019 08:09PM - edited Mar 4, 2019 08:15PM by pinknlavander

Hello Salamandra,

Thank you for your inputs. Actually Oncologist and gynecologist here in Hong Kong does not want to give me any medication because they told me its not suitable on my case. I was diagnose breast cancer stage 1 and the cancer cells is too small less than 1 cm. So they told me its up to me if i want to take tamox or not becasue its a not a MUSTbecaue of my hyperplasia. On the other hand Doctor in our country Philippines Tamox is a MUST. Due to their concern of recurrence. My gynecologist in phils suggested GNRH for 6 mos then after that if i still bleeding removal of uterus and ovary then continue tamox. I am really going crazy now. Different opinions from different doctors.

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