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Topic: I finally got my first MBI test, also have weird pain

Forum: High Risk for Breast Cancer — Due to family history, genetics, or other factors.

Posted on: Mar 24, 2019 07:34PM - edited Mar 27, 2019 09:15PM by sweetp6217

sweetp6217 wrote:

To begin with, I had two-sided 3D mammogram in January, the second mammogram post surgery (which was in January of 2018). I went in knowing that as of January 1, 2019, mcps are required to reveal your density score. I was recently told that my density was 3 or C back in late September of 2016 (which they did not tell me about at the time). If MBI had been available back then, I would have been given the test. Instead, they told me to come in, but when I tried to make that appointment in 2016, they told me that more "professionals" looked at my images and said not to come in. BLIND IGNORANCE!

I digress. To get that all-important MBI, I had to first get the mammogram. I gave them time to respond with the results of that and sure enough, they came out negative. I had also been to a MBI seminar last October (hosted by my BS and RS) so they knew I wanted the test. My heart kind of fell when I heard that my density is now 2. What they said in the seminar indicated that patients with a density of 3 or 4 would be able to get the test. Even so, I called to try to make that appointment. Then I encountered a hurtle.

The practices that I go to and my records are connected, but the images somehow were not. GREAT! Now I would have to go through some sort of privacy release request thing. I wasn't looking forward to that since there's a good share of red tape. So, I called my BS's office and those angels took care of that for me. I called again to make the appointment and they told me to make it as far out as possible since they wouldn't tell me if it was covered. 3 days before that appointment I called the billing department and they tried to pass the buck. Suddenly, on the morning of the procedure, the bill showed up as a pre-payment request. I had to pay what was left of this year's deductible (like $53.00). When I got there, they printed out the statement for me. The price was $2,244 before insurance which included extra images on the surgery side.

About that appointment, the tests and opinions were provided by those who also handled current surgeries, both emergency and scheduled. For that reason, they only had appointments at two times per day, Monday through Friday. I was called at 1 PM and got in my car at 3 PM, but it could have been longer depending on availability. That was 9 days ago.

For the past few days, I've had a weird feeling in my surgery side arm, inner that leads from the pit towards my wrist, but not that far. It only hurts if I exercise it or touch it. By the way, during the BMI test, I was required to hold my arm and the rest of me as still as possible in some pretty unnatural positions. My breasts did not suffer during the test, but rather my arms and shoulders and tummy. I have a bit of a tummy and I could tell that the equipment was not created for anyone like me. Skinny probably works, period. Pillows helped, but not by much.

There was absolutely no mention of the testing equipment having an effect on the lymph nodes, but I wish that I had asked. I have to wonder if the equipment was tested on thin patients in the beginning. I feel that if they were to make the "shelf" much thinner with a small or thin edgeguard, that would do the trick. The pressure on the breast isn't that bad.

At least I have an appointment with my new PCP this week and can bring it up.

I wonder if anyone else here has had this test done.
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