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Topic: Question about Genetic Testing

Forum: High Risk for Breast Cancer — Due to family history, genetics, or other factors.

Posted on: Mar 26, 2019 10:41AM

MsRukia wrote:

The doc who did my biopsy has referred me to a specialist for genetic testing. What can I expect with this? Because my mom has ovarian cancer she thought it would be a good idea.

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Mar 26, 2019 04:59PM Moderators wrote:

Hi MsRukia, and welcome!

While you wait for the ever-helpful advice and experience from others here, you may want to check out the main site's section on Genetic Testing, which explains the ins and outs of this type of screening, including what to expect and advice on what to do with the results.

We hope this helps!

--The Mods

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Mar 27, 2019 03:38PM gb2115 wrote:

They will ask you a ton of questions about family history of cancer, then discuss the risks/benefits of genetic testing. Then if you agree, they'll draw a vial of blood. It took me about 2 weeks to hear about results.

Dx IDC in October 2016, stage 2A, 1.2 cm ER/PR+ Her2-, Grade 2, 1/3 nodes. Mammaprint low risk luminal A, Lumpectomy + radiation + tamoxifen. Age 38 at diagnosis.
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Mar 28, 2019 06:41PM MsRukia wrote:

Thanks for the reply. I’m mulling it over. I did leave a message with the genetic counselor that the doctor referred me to

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Mar 30, 2019 02:58PM Dm39 wrote:

Hello. I have done about 4 genetic tests. They were recommended by my physicians. They are very expensive. In the end. The tests that see if you carry the gene in my opinion are worthless. I have a strong family history of cancer and my testing came back negative and I still had cancer. You can have the gene and never get cancer. Or you can not have the gene and still have cancer. The other tests I had were the oncotype dx and mamaprint to determine the nature of the tumors. This helps you decide if chemotherapy will be helpful based on your chance of recurrence. Again it is just a measure. The last two tests are helpful because it shows the nature of tumors to see exactly what you are dealing with. Also, if you are low chance of recurrence then they usually will tell you to forgo chemotherapy. My mamaprint came out high risk. So chemotherapy is recommended. I googled the accuracy of the test and it said 90% accuracy if it says low recurrence rate by only 25% accurate if it says high risk. So again, it is a guide.

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Mar 30, 2019 04:37PM Denise-G wrote:

My sister and I found genetic testing and seeing a genetic counselor extremely helpful. We both have the Chek2 mutation.

We were the first breast cancers in my dad's family which had A LOT of cancer!

Our large university hospital has been a wealth of information for us and they have helped us tremendously with what

tests to have to make sure we don't have other cancers. I highly recommend it! On the other hand, our local hospital had

never even heard of that genetic mutation. That was scary!

Good luck! my BC Blog with over 200 informative posts about all aspects of BC - stop by! Myself, my mom, and sister were all diagnosed with BC within 3 years. What a ride! Dx 10/10/2011, IDC, Left, 6cm+, Stage IIIA, Grade 2, 9/14 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2+ (FISH) Surgery 11/22/2011 Lymph node removal: Left, Underarm/Axillary; Mastectomy: Left Chemotherapy 12/26/2011 AC + T (Taxol) Targeted Therapy 2/27/2012 Herceptin (trastuzumab) Hormonal Therapy 10/10/2012 Arimidex (anastrozole)
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Apr 3, 2019 11:14AM MsRukia wrote:

Thank you ladies for your input it is greatly appreciated. I did put in a call to the doc I was referred to and so far have not had a call back. I’ll keep you all posted

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May 24, 2019 01:16PM Yself wrote:

I was given a genetic test and was told my breast cancer was not genetic. I just laughed. I've had it twice, my sister had it twice and died after she lost an eye and it went to her brain, a 1st cousin died of it. I think I counted 11 on my father's side who died of several kinds of cancers. I think genetic testing is in its infancy. My father died of lung cancer and had it on both sides of his family. Everyone of his siblings lost one or two children with cancer except for his sister who died of cancer.

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