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Topic: 3rd MRI in 6 months

Forum: High Risk for Breast Cancer — Due to family history, genetics, or other factors.

Posted on: Nov 2, 2019 12:22AM

bruinjamie21 wrote:

Hi there. 6 months ago after my first routine MRI for high risk (I'm 41, Mom has had BC twice, grandmother, 1st cousin... gene negative), I had to go back for 2 MRI biopsies that were deemed category 3, probably benign breast tissue and benign with pregnancy-like change (youngest is 2 yrs old). They recommended a repeat MRI in 6 months which I had today. Ugh the waiting (over the weekend in my case) for results is AWFUL! True stories - has anyone come back after a negative biopsy only to find that it actually WAS something???? I'm really really thinking hard about doing a prophylactic BM just because I don't know if I can take this constant watch, wait, and worry.

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Nov 2, 2019 12:39PM pegasus68 wrote:

So far, so good - I've had 7 biopsies and so far all seem to be on the money with a benign diagnosis. I was particularly worried about my MRI last year; the PA delivering the callback/biopsy news basically had me convinced I had DCIS (her exact words: "This is a very specific finding. I'm sorry.") so I admit that although I was happy the biopsy was benign and deemed concordant, I had still had a tiny nagging worry that maybe they missed something since they had initially seemed so sure. My next MRI came back all clear. (But I will rant about how I dislike my imaging facility; apparently I moved during the procedure - first time out of 8 MRIs so far - and they don't do movement correction so I had to repeat the MRI. Problem was, they NEVER told me or my Dr this, and it was 12 days later when I went back for an unrelated mammo/US for a spot that they are watching when I asked on the premises about the MRI results that they finally said they needed to repeat. Talk about a long and frustrating wait! Unfortunately, can't switch imaging providers due to insurance.) So I completely understand how you feel - and I hope that the results from this follow-up MRI are completely normal!

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Nov 3, 2019 04:35AM bruinjamie21 wrote:

Thank you for the response. Wow that totally stinks about the movement and that's a LOT of MRIs. Doesn't the constant surveillance drive you insane? I'm only a few MRIs in and I already want to consider other options

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Nov 3, 2019 01:25PM HopeWins wrote:

bruinjaime - I'm going to respond to your question but I am a little confused. When you say you had MRI biopsies that were deemed category 3, not sure I understand. Usually you'd see the category from mammogram or MRI imaging alone. For example, my diagnostic mammogram was a biRAD 4. A stereotactic or needle biopsy would give you specific pathology results - atypia, flat epithelial cells, etc.

At any rate, yes. I had a stereotactic biopsy (mammogram assisted) and the results were benign, but included a bunch of "stuff" plus ADH, which prompted me to see a BS and have an excisional biopsy. They found DCIS, so my biopsy missed the DCIS. I understand this happens around 20% of the time.

I'm with you on the worry and the testing and the anxiety filled/sometimes painful testing procedures. I was ready to tap out when they found ADH. I did not want to live in the scan, biopsy, wait, worry, repeat cycle. Best wishes to you

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Nov 3, 2019 02:14PM pegasus68 wrote:

bruinjamie - Yes, the constant surveillance is really taking its toll on me. Unfortunately, I keep developing new benign stuff so I basically get a call-back with almost every 6 month imaging session (alternating 3D mammo/MRI), which often ends in biopsy (or, in my current case, they have opted to do additional 6 month diagnostic mammo/US on a particular spot they want to watch for a while so we can hopefully to avoid yet another biopsy). I've talked to my doc about maybe doing MRI every other year, but she really stresses the annual is a much better option given my risk (prior LCIS, strong family history and other risk factors). I was taking tamoxifen to reduce risk, but now that has become stressful as well, after a recent episode of symptoms consistent with a leg blood clot (but thankfully wasn't). I am currently investigating other options but PBMX is a big step...

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