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Topic: Question about mammograms during Covid-19 Pandemic

Forum: High Risk for Breast Cancer — Due to family history, genetics, or other factors.

Posted on: May 5, 2020 08:06AM

futura wrote:

Hi Everyone,

I'm scheduled for a mammo later this month. I have not heard back from the breast center (yet?) about any cancellation.

I am high risk and on a 6-month mammo, US / MRI schedule followed by my (high-risk) Dr. appointment.

I am curious to know what other high-risk folks are doing during these strange times for their mammograms.

Thank you

ADH - 05/2018
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May 5, 2020 08:42AM Lea7777 wrote:

I have a June 1 mammo appt that I plan to maintain, wearing a mask.

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May 14, 2020 10:33AM BCat40 wrote:

I went in on Tuesday for a mammo, in NYC epicenter of the crisis. Very few people were there and everyone was in masks and gloves. I felt safe.

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May 15, 2020 03:18PM - edited May 16, 2020 06:20PM by futura

Thanks for your responses. My mammo has been cancelled for now - to be rescheduled.

ADH - 05/2018
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May 16, 2020 08:37AM JoniB wrote:

I have a mammo and US scheduled in NYC for June 19. Hoping they don't cancel on me as I plan on keeping the appointment.

Two time breast cancer survivor. Recurrence after 8 years. First time 3 mm ER-, PR-, HER2+. Recurrence 4mm - triple positive.
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May 16, 2020 09:02AM pupmom wrote:

I had one on 5/13 in Kansas. Tech and I were the only ones in the building (that I observed at least). We both had masks on. I felt completely safe, and the procedure went well. Got my negative results the same day. Oh, and I couldn't just walk into the clinic. Had to call a special number and wait for the technician to open the door for me.

Life is what happens while we're making other plans. Dx 10/18/2011, IDC, Right, 1cm, Stage IIA, Grade 1, 2/21 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-
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May 29, 2020 06:33AM ladybugmommy2010 wrote:

I just had one on May 22nd. I was called and told they saw some calfications so I am glad I didn't have to wait any longer.

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