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Posted on: Apr 22, 2007 01:37AM

Posted on: Apr 22, 2007 01:37AM

idohair wrote:

i hate to do this, but i am new here.
I was diagnosed wtih breast cancer on tuesday , it ws quite a blow to us, i n fact we didnt see it comming from a mile away, but really we should have seen it up close and personal
where to start.........
i am 32, and have been married to my Husband Manny for almost 13 years, we have a 12 year old daughter Mercedez, and 11 year old boy Joshua and our surprise birth control baby Liberty who is 17 months old, whom i am still brestfeeding
my mother had breast cancer too, in fact she found out when she was 34, and passed away when she was 45, this past summer i got genetic testing, found out i had BRCA1
well, going back to when i was pregnant, when i had the baby, i got mastitis when she was born, like literaly the next day, but i had a traumatic time after so they figured nothing
and i always had alump there after , i was told my most health care people that it is from breast feeding and the mastitis, sometimes you get a lump and it truly never goes away, people kept tellingme to get it checked but my dr never seemed to be concerned about it, i always assumed it was a huge pluged duct
it is actualy visible , on the very top of my left breast
well it wasnt until i went to my dr with a lump under my arm , that he decided to get me checked, all teh time assuming it was somethngthat needed to be drained too,
i had an ultrasound and it came back inconclusive, and the surgeon he sent me to did a biopsy that day, after a mamogram
it came back invasive ductal carcinoma. and it is about 4 cm big....its huge and i knew it was that huge really....i see it every day , in fact i almost named the damn thing ...... i was in shock........ had no idea.......not a freaking clue
didnt see it coming at all , it was like i got slammed in the head.......i mean im still nursing my babe, what is up with that.......
so i already got a bone scan, chest x ray, and more ultrasounds and i get those results on tuesday, i found out on tuesday, by wednesday evening they called me with a surgery date of april 26th,, to get a mastectomy which is like 9 days after i found out i had cancer till surgery date, kinda fast, which scares me alot really
im having a hard time adjusting to this idea , im young, i have a baby, and how on earth am i goign to is the day it really hit me, and i havent slept a wink yet, im wide awake........
so id like some advice, some pointers , i dont even know where to start........


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Apr 23, 2007 07:59PM Myrajuc wrote:

Be strong! Sometimes you don't realize how strong you can be until you have to be! At least your kids are 12 and 11 and can help. They'll learn from this journey along with you. My daughter is 15. We have gotten closer, and we value time together more than ever.

I had 6cm tumor, I'm stage IIIB, with 10+ lymph nodes out of the 16 they took. It's scary! I'm still scared! I'm now #9 of radiation, with 26 more to go. I was diagnosed September 17; two weeks after I had my lymph nodes taken out, then chemo, then mastectomy, then more chemo, now radiation. It has been a very long journey. You will have your ups-and-downs. And it's okay. At least with the baby you will be very busy and not have a lot of time to think and dwell on "this", but continue to live as normal.

I was so scared I won't be able to do things after the surgeries and during chemo; but amazingly I was up-and-about driving my daughter to-from school, attending her functions within the week. You can too!

Take care,

PM or email me if you have questions.
Dx 9/14/2006, IDC, 6cm+, Stage IV, Grade 3, 10/16 nodes, mets, ER-/PR-, HER2+

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