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Topic: Breast Imaging Gamma Scan

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Posted on: Jul 12, 2007 05:59PM

noels wrote:

Hey all. Had my MRI and this new Breast Imaging Gamma Scan, anyone ever heard of it, if you have not it is fascinating. My MRI shows a 7 mm mass in same breast as ADH microcalicifications, going for ultrasound and bx tomorrow. Gamma Scan came back normal. I will be interested to see if it is right, as it detects cancer "hot spots" my radioactive uptake. Here is the web site.
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Jul 13, 2007 01:23PM noels wrote:

Oksy ultrasound was good. Radiologist thinks it is dense breast tissue and I am scheduled for another MRI next friday (on day 9 of my cycle) with biopsy. She said it definitely does not look malignant--hhhmmmm just as the Gamma Scan predicts..We will see. If this technology continues to have the results it is showing the past 2 years life is going to change for those of us at high risk with dense breasts. I am going to deman one every year, for 900 dollars it is peace of mind.

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Jul 13, 2007 05:48PM awb wrote:

Noels---is it the same thing as the new cone beam breast CT scan? That gives a virtual 3-D image of the breasts without using any compression. They saw a 7 mm area of nodularity on my first breast MRI last summer which two radiologists felt was a benign finding--follow up mammos were also benign. I questioned it on and off for a long time, but the breast care nurse told me that radiologist was very thorough and if he thought it was anything, he would've had me go for ultrasounds as well. So I'm trying to trust my medical team (my oncologist also agrees with them) and not worry about it. But if it's still there this time (Sept.) I will insist on an US and probably a biopsy for peace of mind. Hope yours turns out benign as well.

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Jul 14, 2007 04:58AM noels wrote:

Here is where this new gamma scan would give you peace of mind. It is not the same as the new cone breast CT. It i a mini mammogram machine with only 15 or so lbs of pressure on your breast. You sit for 5 minutes and watch your breast uptake the radiactive dye injected a couple of minutes before you began. If there are cancer cells in your breast, the areas grab more readioactive material with each cycle of blood. (very similar to a Pet Scan). It creates a hot spot. The difference is, this is very specific for breast imaging. So my Gamma Scan came back clean. My ADH area did show up--as did my other cluster area that was benign, but we knew that post biopsy..It correlated with mammogram and biospys. The 7mm "mass" did not grab any radioactive material. The MRI showed this. After ultrasound yesterday, the radiologist feels like it is benign so another MI next week when I am less hormonal and possible biospy right there if it is still "lit" up. If we "believe" the Gamma Scan this will prove to be totally benign. So we will see. I personally know all the people involved in my care, I am a Nurse Anesthetist, we have had alot of talk between us about this new scan. They tend to believe it but since it is so new, "old school" though prevails. As it should. I just wanted you ladis to know it is out there, very new. MAYO Clinic and DUKE are now using it and reports are starting to emerge that are very positive. Other tech companies are creating their own machines and they are hitting the market fast. It will not replace standard of care, it is just a very promising adjunct. Perhaps eventually eradicating less biospies from false positives on MRI's on certain type of patients. So check it out. My Hospital is using the Dilon 6800, but I have been doing research and their are others out there. It is relatively a cheap procedure 900 dollars, ask your onc about it...Take care.
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Jul 14, 2007 05:02AM noels wrote:

Oh and to specifiy, on my Gamma Scan where I have 2 micro clusters. Radioactive material did accumulate there. The ADH spot was darker than the benign spot (shades of gray)but neither showed up like a malignancy which looks black...

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Aug 12, 2011 09:22AM Annabella58 wrote:

this is an interesting new development...does anyone know if this can be used after a bilateral mtxmy?

Or is it strictly for those with breasts?

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