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Topic: How long from Diagnosis to Surgery

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Posted on: Jun 8, 2011 11:24AM

ktab96 wrote:

How long does it normally take from diagnosis to surgery?  I was notified of my diagnosis on May 23 and do not have a surgery date.  I have been spending my time getting tests, visiting doctors, getting more test and revisiting doctors.    I am visiting a surgeon on Thursday but based upon what my Rad Onc told me last week, I need a different surgeon based upon the after treatment I would like. 

 My emotions are like a roller coaster and I am emotionally exhausted.  I just want this bad thing in my breast to go away.  Sometimes I can't believe this is happening.  I wish someone would wake me up and say "April fools" or something. 

ONCO Score 18 Dx 5/23/2011, IDC, 1cm, Stage I, Grade 3, 0/2 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2- Radiation Therapy 7/18/2011 Breast Hormonal Therapy 8/1/2011 Femara (letrozole)
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Jun 8, 2011 01:07PM - edited Jun 8, 2011 01:08PM by Shirlann

Hi sister and welcome, the time between diagnosis and surgery varies all over the place.  But except in a few cases of very aggressive BC, a few weeks is pretty common.  My bunch of yokels took 3 months to operate on me.  Most breast cancers, when large enough to be found by ANY means are about 12 years old, so with some exceptions, time is not too important.  Of course, you are left dangling in the wind, scared silly and ready to jump off a bridge, but it sounds like you are pretty typical, timing wise.  They like to know a lot of things in order to do the surgery and other treatment the right way.

Remember, most of us, about 80%, recover, I am 13 years post treatment and so far, so good.

Post often, try not to get too upset, and come here and we will comfort you.

Gentle hugs, Shirlann 

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Jun 9, 2011 12:58PM Cate2011 wrote:

Hi i read your post and would like to let you know that I feel for you as i just got diagnosed recently as well. There are times you feel you are in the light and sometimes you feel you are in a tunnel of despair. You need people who can uplift you and even pray for you. I hope you have a strong group of people that you can turn to. I chose to only let few people know as it gets exhausting explaining my disease over and over.Smile Take care,
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Jun 9, 2011 01:01PM nikola wrote:

I wad told March 30/10 and had double mastectomy with DIEP on May 4/10. Not sure if lumpectomy would be any sooner. They want to start with chemo within 12 weeks of surgery date.

Dx 3/30/2010, IDC, 1cm, Stage I, Grade 2, 0/2 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-
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Jun 9, 2011 02:55PM dragonfly1 wrote:

I was diagnosed 11/29/10 and had surgery 1/7/11. My surgery was a lumpectomy and it took a while due to all of the biopsy results, MRI, meeting with the surgeon, etc. 

My "jump for joy" www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jUmLk... Dx 11/29/2010, IDC, 1cm, Stage I, Grade 3, 0/4 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2+ Surgery 1/6/2011 Lumpectomy: Right; Lymph node removal: Right, Sentinel Targeted Therapy 2/14/2011 Herceptin (trastuzumab) Chemotherapy 2/14/2011 Carboplatin (Paraplatin), Taxotere (docetaxel) Radiation Therapy 6/21/2011 Hormonal Therapy 8/31/2011
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Jun 9, 2011 07:18PM peetie wrote:

i was also recently diagnosed with it looks like what youve got.  i have seen our type alot and ive only joined (finally found) a chat site thank god.  ive known for about 10 days now and i am on the rollercoaster ride too and scared, angry, mad, cnat believe it...and i am trying to learn expecially on this site, what to do.  i am told to ask a lot of questions and have naswers ready, buts its hard when you dont even know what questions to ask!  i am trying not to tell too many people also because everyone is so nice but they want an every day or twice a day report and talking about it 5 times a day just reminds me when i might have just gotten to a point where my mind wandered off of cancer for a few and i can actually make a meal or write out a bill.  the rest will be mad after the fact, but i feel i can deal with them better later. stay stong. i am doing my best also.

Dx 5/5/2011, IDC, Stage II, ER+/PR+
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Jun 9, 2011 07:25PM edwards750 wrote:

Hi - we all sure know how you feel. You will feel like you are in a fog for at least the next few months. It is all very methodical and you will get a lot of support from the doctors, their staff and us. I was diagnosed in January. I had a lumpectomy in February and another surgery in March to even the margins. The next step after your get your Path reports back is your oncologist. She/he will recommend treatment based on your Path report. Then on to the treatment. In my case it is 33 Rads treatments followed by a bone scan and appt with the ONC. Take a deep breath, take friends or family with you to appts if you can because you will be inundated with information, do some research and ask questions. I was blessed to have a good BS(I asked around as to who was the best) and a good ONC. We will help you in any way we can. It is hard to believe you have the C word but we all had the same initial shock. We have come to terms with it and are dealing with it...you will too. diane

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Jun 10, 2011 07:49AM - edited Jun 10, 2011 07:49AM by bcisnofun

Hello and welcome to the site.  Boy, I can empathize with what you are feeling.  I just wanted it OUT of me.  Why do I have to wait?  I was offically dx on 4/29 and had a double mastectomy and reconstruction together on 6/1.  I probably could have done just the mastectomy quicker, but had to align both docs schedule.  Coping with the diagnosis for me has been an in and out thing.  At first I was gripped with fear and could think of nothing else...couldn't eat, couldn't sleep.  Now I go in and out of fear/acceptance/hope.  Surgery did help me feel like I was finally doing something to beat this.  I've read others to say that starting chemo helped them similarly feel like they were taking action and felt more empowered and less fearful then. 

Dx 4/29/2011, IDC, 1cm, Stage I, Grade 1, 0/2 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-
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Jun 10, 2011 01:09PM em0909 wrote:

Hugs to you!  I promise things will get better.  I am sure it varies.  I was diagnosed on 4/21 and had a bilateral mastectomy on 5/25.  Chemo to start on 7/6.  During that time, I received 2 other opinions from breast surgeons, met with a Plastic Surgeon, Oncologist, Radiation, Fertility Dr and did all my pre-op requirements.  It was busy but worth it b/c I wanted to get things moving.  

Please keep us updated 

Erica Diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer on 4/21/11, Bi-lateral Mastectomy on 5/25/11
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Jun 10, 2011 01:35PM sara1970 wrote:

As for me, dx'ed 5-27-11 and am headed into surgery for a double mast & implants on 6-27-11

BMX with TE's on 6-27-11: IDC/LCIS/DCIS on R + LCIS on L Dx 5/27/2011, IDC, <1cm, Stage I, Grade 1, 0/5 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-
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Jun 10, 2011 01:56PM joect wrote:

Hi - I had a lumpectomy and SNB one month after diagnosis, then chemo started almost two months after that (oncotype results took a while). Then had bilateral mastectomy two months after chemo ended. My last surgery will be one year after my first surgery. I never would have believed it would take that long to be on the other side of this when I was diagnosed last summer, but it has. My Dr. told me it would but I didn't believe him. I did it with lots of support and so can you. I learned a lot from reading articles on this website. Hang in there. The waiting is the hardest part.

Dx 7/27/2010, IDC, <1cm, Stage I, Grade 3, 0/3 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-
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Jun 10, 2011 03:56PM Rennasus wrote:

Oh, the waiting is awful! It was 2 months between my 2010 mammogram (which eventually showed an irregularity) to my BC diagnosis. And it was another 2 months from my BC diagnosis until my bilateral mastectomy. I "lost" time in disgnosis because they thought my mammo was fine. Then I lost time setting up my surgery because I was diagnosed two weeks before Christmas. 

My surgeon said a great thing to me: that waiting a few more weeks until I knew exactly what to do would make *no* difference at all in my treatment...because my cancer had been growing for YEARS. 

That said, I know it doesn't take away the anxiety you are feeling right now. Just know we have been in your shoes and we know how much it sucks. But you will get through it! Keep us posted.

PS A shout-out to Shirlann: WOW, 13 years out! That is fantastic!!! Congrats.

BMX & TE 2/3/11; incision revisions 2/19/11, 3/28/11, 4/26/11; right TE removed 7/6/11; put back 12/1/11; exchange 9/5/12. Tamoxifen 3/2011-9/2013; Femara 11/2013-4/2016. BCI test 2/2016. Blogging at: thebigcandme.blogspot.com/ Dx 12/8/2010, IDC, Right, 3cm, Stage IIA, Grade 1, 0/8 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2- Surgery 2/3/2011 Mastectomy: Right; Prophylactic mastectomy: Left; Reconstruction (left): Tissue expander placement; Reconstruction (right): Tissue expander placement Surgery 2/3/2011 Lymph node removal: Right, Sentinel, Underarm/Axillary Surgery 2/19/2011 Reconstruction (right) Hormonal Therapy 3/24/2011 Tamoxifen pills (Nolvadex, Apo-Tamox, Tamofen, Tamone) Surgery 3/28/2011 Reconstruction (right) Surgery 4/26/2011 Reconstruction (right) Surgery 7/6/2011 Reconstruction (right) Surgery 12/1/2011 Reconstruction (right): Tissue expander placement Surgery 9/5/2012 Reconstruction (left): Silicone implant; Reconstruction (right): Silicone implant Hormonal Therapy 11/1/2013 Femara (letrozole)
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Jun 10, 2011 04:12PM SpecialK wrote:

Mammo & US 9/9/10, biopsy 9/22/10, diagnosis 9/27/10, MRI 10/10, BMX/immed recon 11/1/10, complete node dissection 12/6/10, 3 emergent surgeries for skin healing issues and removal of one TE 12/10 and 1/11, PET scan and echo 1/11, chemo began 2/17/11, last one was a week ago.  Still facing replacement of left TE in July, Herceptin for the next year and exchange, who knows?  Moral of the story - all this stuff takes a while!!!

BMX w/ TE 11/1/10, ALND 12/6/10. 14 additional surgeries. TCHx6 2/17-6/2/11. Herceptin until 1/19/12. Femara 8/1/11, Arimidex 6/20/12, back to Femara 6/18/13-present. Dx 9/27/2010, IDC, Right, 2cm, Stage IIB, Grade 3, 2/14 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2+ (IHC) Dx 9/27/2010, DCIS, Stage 0, Grade 3
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Jun 10, 2011 04:24PM Jen42 wrote:

I was diagnosed with DCIS on April 4. Had my bilateral masectomy (BMX) and immediate reconstruction (saline implants, no expanders necessary) on May 27. I had basically two months to research, talk to survivors at a support group, see the various specialists to try to come to a decision that was right for me. My  cancer was caught so early that I was a candidate for lumpectomy (with radiation and Tamoxifen) or masectomy with NO radiation or other drugs. Chemo wasn't even in the picture, and none of my nodes had to be removed. I was very very very  lucky. That said, I agonized for awhile over my decision and those 2 months were almost worse than the actual surgery. I didn't believe it when other survivors told me things like:  "you will be grateful you had the time to make a decision, to come to terms with your decision" and "the emotional roller-coaster part of this whole thing is worse than the surgery" and "the surgery is do-able. Yes you will have pain and mobility issues, but you will be up and around much sooner than you think." Now that I am two weeks post-surgery and doing really well, I realize they were absolutely right. I'm doing better than I would have ever thought. I am still getting used to my new foobs (fake boobs) and I am sometimes sad that I had to lose my originals, which were perfectly fine and did not need an upgrade, even at age 42. So there is still emotional stuff you have to deal with on the other side...but for me it was the time between diagnosis and surgery that was the hardest.

How lucky you found this site already. I didn't find it until after surgery. Everyone here is so supportive and knows what you are going thru better than anyone else. As everyone is saying: "You will get through this, too! "

BMX on 5/27/11 with immediate, one-step reconstruction (saline implants/Alloderm sling). "Be kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." - Plato Dx 4/4/2011, DCIS, 2cm, Stage 0, Grade 1, 0/0 nodes
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Jun 12, 2011 12:11PM ktab96 wrote:

Thank you all for your support and the great information. I am still waiting for a surgery date.  My MRI is scheduled for Monday and hopefully my plan will be finalized by next week.  I am a little calmer now and I am learning to accept my diagnosis and impending surgery and treatment....at least for the moment.  Everyone here has been terrific at this website and I am grateful I found it.  I am learning alot and it is empowering me to make informed, but yet very difficult decisions.  I am just beginning my journey but I thank you all for being there for me.  THANK YOU!

ONCO Score 18 Dx 5/23/2011, IDC, 1cm, Stage I, Grade 3, 0/2 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2- Radiation Therapy 7/18/2011 Breast Hormonal Therapy 8/1/2011 Femara (letrozole)
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Jun 16, 2011 12:51PM Jamie30 wrote:

I went for my physical on May 23rd.  My mammo on April 1.  Biopsy on April 8th, formal dx on April 11th and then had surgery on May 26th (would have been May 16 but my surgeon was sick).  In between I did alot of test, MRI and such.  I was told I could have my surgery as early as the day after my MRI but I needed time to set up childcare and such.  I think alot of it depends on your surgeons schedule and if they have to get with a PS and match dates.  Keeping you in my thoughts.

Jamie Dx 4/11/2011, IDC, Stage II, Grade 2, 1/3 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-
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Jun 23, 2011 10:50AM ktab96 wrote:

Since my last post, I had I visited two surgeons and had a PEM test.  My surgery is scheduled for June 28th and I will have the SAVI implanted July 21st with Radiation from July 25-July 29.  Wish me luck!

ONCO Score 18 Dx 5/23/2011, IDC, 1cm, Stage I, Grade 3, 0/2 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2- Radiation Therapy 7/18/2011 Breast Hormonal Therapy 8/1/2011 Femara (letrozole)
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Jun 23, 2011 11:14AM Valgirl wrote:

ktab96 - You'll do fine.  Good Luck!

I just had my 6 month post rads mammo and ultrasound and all is good!  Yeah!

Lumpectomy , 30 Rads, No Chemo , Arimidex for 5 years Dx 9/17/2010, IDC, <1cm, Stage I, Grade 1, 0/3 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2-

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