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Topic: DCIS Positive Biopsy and MRI

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Posted on: Feb 10, 2012 06:33AM

mrkffr11 wrote:

I've been recently diagnosed with DCIS in left breast confirmed by biopsy.  Subsequent MRI of both breasts has turned up additional areas of 'suspicion" in left and 2 areas in right breast.

I've never had an MRI before so no baseline and I started my period 3 days after MRI. 

How likely is it that the MRI screening results in false positive results.

I'm facing 3 more MRI guided biopsies on Monday and looking for others experiences with results from MRI findings.

Thank you,  

Dx 1/16/2012, DCIS, Stage 0, Grade 2, ER+
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Feb 12, 2012 05:49PM - edited Feb 12, 2012 05:50PM by mixin

I had results similar to yours.

ILC was found in the right breast, so I had an MRI done on both. Other areas lit up in the right and one area lit up in the left. The biopsies determined the areas in the right were nothing to worry about; the spot in the left was DCIS.

I hope your spots are all benign and wish you the best for your MRI results tomorrow. 

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Feb 12, 2012 07:32PM crystalphm wrote:

I think positive false readings from the MRI are very common. The best thing about the MRI machine is it can see so much, and the worst thing is it sees too much, so biopsies are often necessary.

My experience was just to have a MRI, then a MRI guided biopsy, and it still came back questionable. I couldn't believe it!

But the end result was NO cancer!!!!!

I wish you the best....

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Feb 15, 2012 07:01AM mrkffr11 wrote:

Thank you all so much.  No results yet but I've heard from many that MRI findings have strong likelihood to be nothing serious.

Dx 1/16/2012, DCIS, Stage 0, Grade 2, ER+
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Feb 16, 2012 05:17PM mrkffr11 wrote:

Just recieved biopsy results and all 3 'suspicious' areas came back benign.

The MRI did turn up a mass near my original biopsy that was positive for DCIS but they did not biopsy that?

Could it me that I don't have DCIS after all and I have some other BC diagosis?

Dx 1/16/2012, DCIS, Stage 0, Grade 2, ER+
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Feb 22, 2012 12:39PM cinnamonsmiles wrote:

Unless there was a collossal mistake by the lab when they looked into your sample from the biopsy, you have DCIS,especially with your grade of 2. I am assuming they scheduled a lumpectomy for  you and they should be able to tell if it's invasive or not.

How are you doing?

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