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Topic: Best Doctors at MSK - Need Recommendations

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Posted on: Aug 10, 2019 04:17PM

CTaylor100 wrote:

Hi - I'm 38, just diagnosed 2 weeks ago with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. I'm finding the constant waiting for appointments and results to be one of the most difficult things to adjust to.

I was able to get good recommendations for a breast surgeon, and was able to get an appointment with Dr. Mary Gemignani within 2 weeks (I go see her on Tuesday). Last week Sloan called and said with my diagnosis I will also need to see a Medical Oncologist and I'm really having trouble finding recommendations online. I know it's difficult to get appointments quickly with the more in demand doctors, so if anyone has recommendations please share. I'd like a few options to improve my chances of getting in with someone sooner rather than later. I was randomly paired with one doctor, but I think I can change before I see them.

Like everyone, I'm really scared not knowing yet what is in store for me and having a doctor that others have recommended would do a lot to put my mind at ease.



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Aug 11, 2019 02:02PM Mavericksmom wrote:

Hi, I am sorry, I am unfamiliar with Sloan Kettering but since you are seeing the breast surgeon on Tuesday, why not ask the breast surgeon? They always know who is good and will steer you to someone that will be a good fit. Unless, of course, it was her office that called you, which is just weird because most doctors don't tell you to see a medical oncologist without offering referrals.

Someone should have referred you to a Nurse Navigator, I can't imagine that SK doesn't have those. They are fabulous at referring to doctors and helping guide you through the process.

Normally you have surgery first, then chemo if needed. One advantage of having chemo after surgery, assuming your IDC is hormone positive, is that they would send part of the tumor to the OncoDx lab which assigns a number indicating the value of chemo, if it would help or not.

Expect to be treated aggressively because you are so young. By that I mean surgery, chemo, radiation and tamoxifen, again assuming you are hormone positive.

Sometimes larger tumors are treated with chemo prior to surgery. Again, if that is why they are telling you to get an MO, then they should have recommended one.

I too thought the waiting was the worst part of having breast cancer, especially my first time.

I wish you all the best at your appointment on Tuesday and in finding a great MO. Please update and let us know how things are going.

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Aug 11, 2019 03:14PM santabarbarian wrote:

Good tip from Mavericksmom.

If you have TNBC, Tiffany Traina at MSK is the TNBC person. Good luck people will chime in.

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