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Topic: Ok- Got a verbal Diagnosis - Now what?

Forum: Just Diagnosed — Discuss next steps, options, and resources.

Posted on: Oct 14, 2019 08:32PM - edited Oct 15, 2019 03:58PM by rebakoosh

rebakoosh wrote:

This Post was deleted by rebakoosh.
Dx 9/2019, DCIS, Right, Stage 0, Grade 3, ER+ Hormonal Therapy Femara (letrozole) Radiation Therapy Whole-breast: Breast Surgery Lumpectomy
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Oct 14, 2019 11:43PM Moderators wrote:

Hi there, Rebakoosh! We're so sorry you find yourself here, but we hope you find this to be a supportive place. The first days and weeks can be confusing and scary, especially since you don't have much information about your diagnosis or treatment options yet. You'll learn much more in the coming weeks, and hopefully you'll fee a bit more in control when you have a better idea of what you're dealing with here. You may find some more helpful info in our DCIS forum -

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Oct 15, 2019 01:14AM AliceBastable wrote:

HRT is hormone replacement therapy. You're probably going to be on hormone blockers. I haven't seen anyone here on HRT after surgery and other treatments.

Endometrial cancer 2010, basal cell multiples, breast cancer 2018, kidney cancer 2018. Cancer's a bitch, but I'm a bigger one with more practice. Dx 5/2018, ILC/IDC, Left, 2cm, Stage IA, Grade 2, 1/1 nodes, ER+/PR+, HER2- Surgery 7/10/2018 Lumpectomy: Left; Lymph node removal: Sentinel Surgery 8/7/2018 Radiation Therapy 10/29/2018 Whole-breast: Breast, Lymph nodes
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Oct 15, 2019 04:46AM MountainMia wrote:

Agree with Alice, more likely hormone blockers than HRT. As to the DCIS, the surgeon will tell you that they won't really know what they'll find until they actually do the surgery. However, the biopsy samples showing 2-3mm is encouraging. That is very small. It can be very frightening at first, not knowing what you're looking at, and not knowing any of the language the professionals are using. When you meet with your care professionals, stop them when you need clarification. Ask questions and for definitions and other resources. Take notes if you can. Check in with the nurse navigator if you want to ask questions after your appointment. That person should be able to help you find good answers.

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Oct 15, 2019 09:54AM Beesie wrote:


This thread might be helpful:

A layperson's guide to DCIS

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Oct 15, 2019 10:24AM - edited Oct 17, 2019 03:56PM by Moderators

Hi my name is Jennifer I'm about 2 year's out from my diagnosis of stage 2b invasive and dcis breast cancer. Ive had a double mastectomy w reconstruct ion. Any questions you have ..anything at all please send me a PM. I'm a veteraan and had several insurance issues but w patience and a lot of phone calls I got taken care of.. I'm here if you need any question answered.

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Oct 15, 2019 10:29AM Nomoresideffects wrote:

Second opinion doctor is also a great way to learn more.. possibly..


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